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Building and growing high-margin idea-based businesses starts here.

MINDSTORMS premium from amplifiedNOW... the only membership you'll need for exact step-by-step playbooks on downloading ideas from your brain and turning them into viable businesses. Tools, amplification 'hacks', and playbooks to build your revenue streams.


Why join us?

Online business playbooks

We focus on two things:

  • Ideas for different types of income streams that can be done on a budget (that means no brick + mortar, no leases, no big-ticket spending to get to a minimum viable product)
  • And playbooks to help you figure out how to scale, fast. These are tips, tools, oh, god, don't say the f-word, funnels, shoot I did it

Once a month, you'll get a playbook that you can follow to build the idea of the month. These are swipe files, checklists, templates, step-by-step processes to get the idea out of idea stage as fast as humanly possible.

The worst place for an idea is in your brain. The second worst place is locked away in a secure file somewhere. If you're excited to launch, you're in the right place.


Monthly topics

Every month, we do a deep dive into a different idea to build a revenue stream.

We'll talk about:

  • The best performing opt-ins
  • Business models
  • Different digital platforms

...And more! Be a part of this community and join our live sessions, dive into the different business ideas, and get new ideas every single month.


The community is my favorite part

I have the best friends.

And if I'm being honest? I am excited to be FINALLY building the community I've wanted to see in my world.

We have honest, deep, vulnerable conversations about what's working in our businesses. No jerks allowed. But no coddling, either. 

Why we need you

Job security is a myth.

But your brain, and the ideas enclosed in that mass of cells in your head, are pretty much all you need to build a revenue stream today.

Well, that and an internet connection.

When you can pull money out of what feels like thin air, that's where the magic begins. And sometimes all you need is a spark.


Your ideas can change the world. Your job is to let them.

The people behind the MINDSTORMS newsletter

Kathleen Celmins and Emma Bates have almost two decades of combined digital experience.

They've been involved in dozens of different businesses, sold a few, failed at a few, and have worked with clients in all kinds of different types of businesses, helping them find ways to amplify their messages and brands online. They have a thriving content marketing agency, and since they can't act on every idea that they see, this is where that energy is being channeled.

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