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Skyrocket Audience Engagement with Surprise and Delight Content Tactics

Skyrocket Audience Engagement with Surprise and Delight Content Tactics

Skyrocket Audience Engagement with Surprise and Delight Content Tactics

If your brand ain’t exactly setting the digital world on fire, it might be time to mix things up a little. Break the bland and spark up the screen with a heavy dose of surprise and delight to turn those viewers into fans.

Embrace the Element of Surprise

Put simply, surprise is your brand’s little black dress. She never goes out of style.

Be like Buzzfeed. Keep folks guessing what’s coming next by serving up everything from hilarious listicles to hard-hitting news stories.

Get Them Grinning with Delight

Delight, on the other hand, is the cherry on top. It’s that ‘OOH’ moment that gets ’em grabbing for the share button.

To delight your audience, remember this: People. Love. Stories. Share your brand’s journey, feature customer journeys, or even craft a fantasy saga starring your product.

Now, How can you bring on the Surprise and Delight?

Take some pointers from these brands that know a thing or two about whipping up audience engagement with clever content moves.

1. Monster Energy: Personalized Videos

Yes, you heard it right. Monster Energy once sent personalized videos to its fans!

In these videos, celebrities thanked fans for their support, and guess what? Fans loved it!

2. Coca-Cola: Share a Coke Campaign

How simple yet effective right?

Coaxing consumers to ‘Share a Coke’ with their friends, family or their darling- pretty smooth Coca-Cola!

3. Zappos: Delightful Customer Service

Zappos ain’t your regular shoe brand.

Offering free one-day shipping and surprise upgrades, Zappos knows how to keep their customers hooked.

  • Pro Tip:

    Surprise and delight is all about understanding your audience. What makes them laugh, cry, or share? Do your homework, y’all!

  • Keep in Mind:

    It’s not just about being unpredictable. Authenticity is key. Give the folks something genuine and they’ll give you their attention.

Wrap Up

So, guys, gals and non-binary pals. If your content is feeling a little meh, it’s time to whip up some surprise and delight.

Remember, fun is the fastest way to your viewers’ hearts so pull up a chair, and get those creative juices flowing!

4. Timberland: User-Generated Content

The footwear company has embraced the use of user-generated content extensively. With campaigns like #ModernTrail, Timberland encourages its customers to share their real-life experiences and adventures while wearing the brand’s durable, outdoor-ready gear.

5. Glossier: Mystery Package

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Glossier, a beauty brand, includes a mystery sample in every order. Not only this gives customers a chance to try a different product, but it also adds an element of surprise and delight to each purchase.

  • Pro Tip:

    Think about your niche and your audience’s interests. Create unique, relatable content that will resonate with them and create an emotional connection.

  • Keep in Mind:

    Keep your message consistent across all your platforms. Whether it is your website, social media, email, or any other platform, your brand should tell the same story.

Wrap Up

Surprise and delight in marketing isn’t about staged stunts or expensive giveaways; it’s about creating positive experiences that make your customers feel valued and appreciated. So go ahead, think outside the box and let your creative flair shine through your marketing strategy!

6. Starbucks: Personalized Rewards

Starbucks is a master of sophisticated marketing techniques, and their customer rewards system is no different. Every beverage you purchase gets you a step closer to earning a “star”. Accumulate enough stars, and you earn yourself a free drink. But here’s the kicker. Starbucks tailors these rewards according to individual purchasing habits, delighting customers with personalised offers and rewards.

7. Zappos: Unexpected Free Upgrades

This e-commerce platform, specialising in shoes, has a reputation for delivering much more than expected. Zappos occasionally upgrades its standard 4-5 day shipping to overnight shipping for free, without any prior announcement, surprising and delighting its customers with unexpected fast service.

  • Pro Tip:

    Take time to understand your customer’s journey with your product or service. Brainstorm ways you can add value or surprise at different touchpoints.

  • Keep in Mind:

    Be consistent but not predictable. Surprise and delight should maintain an element of unpredictability to really benefit and motivate your customer base.

Wrap Up

In a competitive online market, the brands that stand out are the ones that go the extra mile to delight their customers. Embrace your creativity, and remember it’s the small changes that can make a big difference. Surprise, delight, and watch your customer loyalty grow!

In closing, the use of surprise and delight in marketing can take a variety of forms, from personalized rewards to unexpected free upgrades. This approach not only creates positive experiences for customers but also contributes to their sense of value and appreciation. Remember, successful marketing entails going above and beyond to anticipate and exceed customer expectations. Use your understanding of your customers’ journey and your creativity to shock, intrigue, and satisfy your customers, and watch as your efforts are rewarded with growing customer loyalty.

AI-driven headlines that convert.

Get the book for $3.

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