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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy From Scratch

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy From Scratch


Welcome to Content Marketing 101! If you’re here, you’re probably about to channel your inner Shakespeare 🙂 and get your hands dirty in this big, bustling world of content marketing. You might be a bit shaky, but don’t stress it, we’re about to break this down for you, as easy as apple pie.

Get a clear picture of your audience

Before you hit that keypad, it’s crucial you know who you’re writing for. Who are these folks? What tugs their heartstrings? Knowing your audience is like knowing your favorite barista’s name at your local Starbucks – you’ve got to get personal.

Ask these questions: “Define Your Demographic” . Use buyer personas and Google Analytics to color in your audience portrait.

Define your content goals

What do you want your content to accomplish? Drive sales? Boost brand awareness? Connecting your content to your goals is key. As we Yanks say, “Don’t just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.”

Decide on content types

There’s a whole smorgasbord of content types to choose from: blogs, podcasts, infographics – oh my!

Choosing the right tool from your content toolbox depends on your audience and goals. Blog posts are great for SEO, but if your target group is millennial hipsters, maybe a podcast is the way to go.

Create an ace content calendar

Once you have your audience, goals, and content type squared away, it’s time to whip up a content calendar. This is your roadmap for success (or as we say stateside, your GPS).

Use tools like CoSchedule or HubSpot’s free templates to keep your content train chugging along.

Execute like a boss

Here’s where the real fun begins! Time to take your brilliant ideas, mix ’em up with your slick writing skills, and serve up some content anybody’d be proud to tip their hat to.

But remember, keep an eye on your numbers. You should always be measuring, improving, and adjusting like a pro basketball player working on his jump shot.

Roundin’ it up

Building a solid content marketing strategy from scratch may seem as tough as pulling hen’s teeth, but with these steps, you’re set on the road.

Remember, it’s not just about creating content but creating value. Now, go and take the ball and run with it!

Translating this content into plain and professional English:

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategies are an essential tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes to truly connect with their target audience, boost brand awareness and ideally, increase sales. However, putting together a successful strategy might seem daunting; thankfully, we’ve broken it down into a 5-step process:

Understand Your Audience

It is crucial that you attain a comprehensive understanding of your target market. This includes who they are, functions they perform, and what type of content appeals to them. Learn more about it from this article on “Defining Your Demographic”.

Clarify Your Goals

Specify your goals so that you can measure your achievements. Without concrete goals, your content marketing efforts may end up directionless.

Choose Your Content Type

Selecting the most suitable type of content is of utmost importance. Different content types can serve varied purposes and select audiences better. Choose the one that can best deliver your objectives.

Use a Calendar to Organize Your Content

A content calendar assists in organizing and tracking your content. This tool serves as a guideline for your content marketing strategy execution.


Planning and preparation are great, but implementation marks the true test of your strategy. Consistently create, publish, and review your content while making necessary adjustments for improvement.

Concluding Notes

Building a robust content marketing strategy may seem a daunting task at first, but with an aim, focus and proper planning, it is achievable. Remember, the goal is not just content creation, but creating content that adds value to your audience. Time to get started!

Content marketing strategies are vital for any business that aims to effectively engage with their target audience, enhance brand visibility, and ultimately, increase revenue. However, formulating a successful strategy can be intimidating. Fortunately, we have boiled it down into a 5-step process for your convenience.

1. Understand Your Audience

The first step towards creating a successful content marketing strategy involves thoroughly understanding your target audience. Who are they? What is their profession? What type of content do they prefer? Gaining insight into these areas can immensely help in tailoring your content to suit your audience’s preferences. Check out this article on “Defining Your Demographic” for more information.

2. Clarify Your Goals

Having clear, measurable goals is essential for directing your content marketing efforts and assessing their success. Without lucid goals, your content marketing initiatives may lack direction and purpose.

3. Choose Your Content Type

Choosing the appropriate content type is an integral part of your strategy. Different types of content serve different purposes and appeal to various audiences. Opt for the one that aligns best with your objectives and target audience.

4. Use a Calendar to Organize Your Content

Deploying a content calendar can substantially help in organizing and tracking your content. This tool acts as a blueprint for the implementation of your content marketing strategy.

5. Implementation

The final step in your content marketing strategy is the actual implementation. Routine creation, publication, and review of your content, coupled with necessary revisions for improvement, are critical aspects of this phase.

Final Thoughts

Developing a robust content marketing strategy may seem formidable initially. However, with determination, attention, and effective planning, it is indeed achievable. Remember, the ultimate aim is not merely producing content but creating content that adds value to your audience. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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