Zero to Launch: 90 Day Email Marketing Launch Plan

Zero to Launch: 90 Day⁤ Email Marketing Launch Plan

So, you fancy yourself an entrepreneur ⁤with ambitions bigger than a grade-A Texan BBQ? You know your product⁣ is the‌ bomb, but ‍what’s the use if the crowd isn’t privy to your genius? Fear not! Your buddy has got your back with a fun-filled, down-to-earth, straight-to-the-point, non-fluff 90-day email marketing launch plan. Get ready to hit the green and score a birdie (or an eagle if you’re that ambitious) with your‌ next marketing campaign.

Pre-Launch Buildup ‍(Days 1-30)

Before we dive in, there’s a ‍bunch ⁢of homework and prep you ⁣need to do. Remember, there’s no such thing as an elevator to success, baby, you gotta take the ‌stairs.

  • Know Thy Audience: Getting a clear understanding of your​ audience is vital. ‌Think about everything from demographic ‍details to their pain points,‍ aspirations, and ⁢what makes them tick.
  • Build A Killer Lead Magnet: A lead magnet isn’t some⁣ hocus pocus mumbo-jumbo. It’s simply your way of enticing potential customers. Super⁢ valuable ‌content like free downloadable PDFs, subscription to newsletters‍ or podcasts, or‍ exclusive discount coupons work great as magnets to ‘attract’ leads.
  • Setup Your Funnel: You gotta map out a crystal clear email marketing funnel. This baby is like a roadmap leading your⁣ audience right to that​ ‘Buy Now’ button.‌ Guidance ‌at its best!

Ramping Up (Days 31-60)

Now that the stage is set, it’s time to pull back the curtain⁢ and put on the show. Say⁤ “Lights, Camera, Action!”

  • Start Growing Your Email List: ‍Once ‌you’ve got your lead ‌magnet ready, you’ve got ⁣to make it super easy for folks to ⁢subscribe. We’re talking sign-up forms on⁣ your website, social media promotions, pop-ups etc. It’s ⁣time to hustle and gather.
  • Engagement is Key: Don’t be that ‘ghost’ ⁤friend‌ who only shows up when they need a favor. Keep your audience engaged with valuable and regular content. This increases trust and boosts the‌ chance of conversions big time.
  • Automate Your ​Processes: Save time and repetitive⁣ effort with marketing automation tools. These are nifty little fellows that can schedule emails, segment users and more, much to an overwhelmed marketer’s delight.

The Final Countdown (Days 61-90)

Alright, the groundwork has been ⁣laid. It’s time for the grand finale. Get your victory dance ready!

  • Launch Promotions: Start hyping up ‍your launch by sharing sneak peeks, initiating countdowns, and⁣ perhaps, even a pre-launch‌ discount or giveaway. The hype ‌is real, people!
  • Follow Up: Don’t just⁢ launch and vanish. Follow up with users who showed interest but didn’t⁣ make the purchase. ‌Remember, persistence is ⁢key!
  • Test and Modify: Keep a close eye ⁤on your campaign’s performance. Identify the hiccups, learn from ​them, and modify your ‍strategy for the better. After all, to err is human, to learn, divine!

Final Thoughts

Email marketing can feel a bit overwhelming, ​kinda like trying to understand the ‌rules of cricket for the first time. But with the right plan, this 90-day launch will have you scoring runs in no time!

Remember, the name of the game is value and ⁢consistency. Be the‌ friend who has always got the answers, keep ‌the conversation flowing, and your audience will love you for it. Happy launching!

Day 1-30: Laying the Groundwork

The first month will be all about ⁢setting the⁣ foundation for your email marketing strategy. Here’s what you need to focus on:

  • Identify Your Target Audience: ‌Before you start, you need to ⁤know who you are reaching ⁤out to – your target audience. Identifying your target audience will‌ help you create content that is relevant and engaging, leading to better conversion rates.
  • Create a Compelling Lead Magnet: A lead magnet is a free incentive you offer to potential customers in exchange for their email addresses. It could be ⁣an e-book, a cheat sheet, or even exclusive ⁤access to a webinar – anything that can lure in‍ prospective customers.
  • Set Up a ​Professional Email Marketing Platform: Make use of reliable and professional email marketing platforms. These platforms provide⁢ great automation features, beautiful ‍design templates, and detailed analytics – tools ​that are crucial for a successful campaign.

Day 31-60: Building ⁢Momentum

By now, the foundation should⁢ be laid. Let’s now focus on building momentum:

  • Start Growing Your Email List: Now that your ⁤lead magnet is ready,⁢ your next aim should be making it as easy as possible for people to subscribe to your list. Places they can subscribe could include sign-up forms on your website, social media promotions, pop-ups, and so on.
  • Engagement is Key: Be sure to regularly engage your audience with relevant content. Simply put, don’t ‌be a ⁢stranger! This fosters trust and increases your chances of converting subscribers into customers.
  • Automate Your Processes: To save time and effort, take advantage ‌of marketing automation tools. They can automate tasks such as scheduling emails, segmenting subscribers, and more.

Day 61-90: The Launch

The final month is the big one – it’s time for the official launch. Here’s what you should be focusing on:

  • Launch Promotions: Begin promoting ⁣the launch by sharing previews, starting ‍countdowns, ‍and, if possible, offering pre-launch⁢ giveaways or discounts. Build the hype!
  • Follow Up: After the launch, make sure to follow up ​with subscribers who showed interest but did not make a purchase. Persistency is critical​ when it comes to convincing potential customers.
  • Test ‍and Modify: ​Keep an eye on how your campaign is performing and tweak it as ⁣necessary.​ The aim is to constantly learn and improve.


While email marketing might seem daunting at​ first, with proper planning and execution, your 90-day launch is ‍sure to ‍be successful. The key is to provide‌ value and remain consistent. Be the business that always has a solution for the customer’s problem, engage them regularly, and they’re sure to love you back. Good luck with your email marketing launch!

Day 1-30: ⁣Preparation

The first 30 days should be‍ entirely dedicated to planning and preparation.‌ First, your goal should be to understand what your customers need and how you can provide value. These include:

  • Market Research: ‍Take time to research your target audience⁢ and understand their pains, needs, and wants. Look‍ at what your competitors ‍are doing and how you can do things differently.
  • Creating a Customer Avatar: Based on your research, create a customer avatar – a detailed profile of‍ your ideal customer. This‍ will guide you in‍ tailoring your content to⁣ suit their preferences.
  • Building ​Your Lead ⁤Magnet: This is a freebie that you give to potential subscribers in exchange for their⁤ email‍ address. ⁢It’s usually a piece of‌ valuable content that solves a‌ problem or provides⁤ a quick win for your⁢ target audience.

Day ⁤31-60: Building and Engaging Your Email List

The second month focuses‍ on growing your email list and engaging with your subscribers. Key tasks⁤ include:

  • Growing⁤ Your Email List: Make it as easy as‌ possible for people‍ to subscribe to your list. This could include sign-up forms on your website, social media promotions, pop-ups, etc.
  • Engagement is Key: Regularly send relevant content to ​your audience. The goal is to build trust and increase your chances of converting ‍subscribers into customers.
  • Automate Your Processes: Use marketing automation tools to save time. These tools can schedule emails, segment subscribers, and more.

Day 61-90: The Launch

The third and final ⁤phase would be the big launch. In this phase, your focus should be on:

  • Launch Promotions: Promote the launch by sharing⁤ previews, starting countdowns,⁢ and offering pre-launch ⁣giveaways or discounts.
  • Follow Up: ⁣ After the launch, ensure that you follow up with subscribers⁣ who showed interest but ⁢did not make a purchase.
  • Test and Modify: Continuously ⁣monitor how​ your campaign is⁣ performing and adjust it as required. The goal is to learn and improve constantly.


Successfully launching an email marketing campaign might be challenging,⁢ but with the right planning and execution, it can be done in 90 days. The key is to continuously provide value and stay consistent.‌ Your business should be the solution to your customer’s problems. Engage and build a strong relationship with your audience, and they’ll become loyal customers. Good luck with your email marketing⁢ launch!

Day 1-30: Planning ⁣and Strategy

During the first phase, take time to plan out your email marketing campaign. Key focus areas should⁢ include:

  • Setting Goals: Outline what you hope to achieve from the campaign. Increase ⁤in engagement? More subscribers? More conversions?
  • Identifying Your ‌Audience: Understand who you are targeting. The information⁤ could include their demographics,⁢ behaviors,‌ interests, and pains.
  • Outlining Your Email Content: Determine what kind of content‍ your audience would appreciate and what would encourage them to convert.

Day ⁣31-60: Building and Engaging‌ Your Email List

Dedicate the second month to accumulating subscribers and keeping them hooked to your content.

  • Growing Your Email ​List: Make it simple for people to subscribe such as adding sign-up option on your website or through social media.
  • Engagement is Key: Work⁤ on sending relevant content regularly to your ⁢audience. It will help in building⁤ trust and subsequently increase the ‌chances of converting​ subscribers.
  • Automate Your Processes: Utilize marketing automation platforms to ease your work. They can help in scheduling emails, segmenting subscribers among other things.

Day 61-90: The Launch

The last ⁣phase will be your⁢ time to shine. Your main ⁤tasks would comprise‌ of:

  • Launch Promotions: Advertise your launch by offering previews, countdowns and pre-launch ‍discounts or giveaways.
  • Follow Up: It’s important to follow⁢ up with the subscribers that showed interest in your campaign but ⁣did not convert.
  • Test and Modify: Always monitor your campaign performance and adjust accordingly. Have a growth mindset and always look for ways to improve.


Successfully launching an email marketing ‍campaign may pose as a challenge but it’s achievable within 90-days with the right mindset and execution. You just need to consistently provide value and build a rewarding relationship ​with your audience. Remember, your goal is to provide a solution for your customers. So engage, execute, grow, and watch your customers turn into loyalists. ‌Best of luck with your email marketing launch!

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