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Grow your business by working smarter, not harder and get a plan to work toward doubling your revenue in the next 8 weeks.

"This mentorship helped me make more money and like my business again."


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Watch this quick video to learn how to double your income without doubling your workload.

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We're Emma + Kathleen.

We've built our business on our combination of big-picture ideas (Kathleen) and the attention to detail required to get things done (Emma). We have a combined total of over 16 years of online business experience growing brands by five and six figures.

And we want to use what we've learned to help you stand on our shoulders and see success, quickly.

Road Map Simple Infographic
Road Map Simple Infographic

Let us ask you a question...

Do you want to double your revenue but don't have a single extra hour to add to your already-full plate?


You can't double your client base without giving up on sleeping. Your rates are already at or near market rate. You've reached some level of success (YAY!) but what got you here won't get you to the next phase (BOO!).

What if you could...

  • Make MORE money

  • Get your time back

  • Grow your business sustainably

  • And get back to what you started all this in the first place


That's where we come in.

We offer 2-on-1 coaching with an intense focus on strategy and systems (two things EVERY business needs!)

How much could you do with some outside strategic advice and the step-by-step implementation help to get your next big idea out of your head and into the world?

No cookie-cutter advice. No one-size-fits-most. Not one more course you never finish.

8-week sprints start at $6000.

Hot off the presses!

If you're feeling stuck about your next move, check out Kathleen's first book, MINDSTORMS: 25 Exercises to Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur. Head over to the book's website to download a workbook to go along with it.

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