Why is Video so Important to Marketing?

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Video seems like all marketers are talking about right now. But why? What makes video so important and why should you incorporate it into the marketing strategy for your business?

In 2013, I worked at an inbound marketing agency and video content was the farthest thing from anybody’s mind. Back then, the name of the game was written content like blog posts. The person who wrote the most content with the most keywords stuffed into it would win the traffic game. Thank goodness the internet isn’t like that anymore.

Now, when you do a Google search as a human, you are always getting top quality results on page 1, page 2, or however far down you want to go. That is because the game has changed.

It’s Not About Stuffing Keywords in Blog Posts Anymore

If you’ve written about anything, you don’t really need to say the same word 45 times in a 500-word blog post in order to get Google’s attention. Thank goodness! It seems like if you do that now, you’ll get penalized instead of rewarded which is good for users.

This also means as experts that you’re playing a different game. Unless you’re a writer or have a marketing background, whatever you’re building your business around is what you want to be spending the majority of your time doing.

A lot of times, what you want to spend your time doing and what you end up having to spend your time doing are different. Going back to the main question though, I’m sure you want to know specifically why videos are most effective.

Video Content is Like Show and Tell vs. An Extensive Essay

Videos are effective not because they’re the easy option, but because you can talk for 5 minutes about something far easier than you can write 2,000 words with a table of contents and interesting stuff throughout.

It’s so much easier for you to stand in your expertise and talk about something that you don’t need to script and show people exactly what it’s like to work with you. You can show your demeanor, your personality, what people get when they book a call with you.

All of these things come through so much better in a video than they do in print. That’s part of the reason why video is so important when it comes to marketing.

Marketing is About Timing

With video content, you can speak directly to the viewer and answer questions they may have right in that instant. So much of marketing is about timing, so it’s all about the right message in the right place and at the right time.

The reason why I’m personally doubling down on video content as well in my own business and building an agency that helps other experts do the same is because I know this process can be streamlined and effective. Sitting down to record a video like this one doesn’t take much more time than it takes to watch it. This is where AmplifiedNOW comes in.

Record and Market Your Videos In Less Time

Since you can spend a significant amount of your time coming up with a topic, we’ll even help you in that area as well. Once you sit down with me to record, we decide what you’re going to talk about, the main overarching talking points you want to discuss and where you’re going to send viewers at the end of the video.

Then you hit record and everything else happens for you in the background. We will edit and make you look great. We’ll send your video to all of the different platforms it needs to be on.

This includes YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and so on depending on where you’ve determined your audience hangs out at. The great thing is that coming up with a strategy for where your videos should go is the easy part, actually. It’s no more work for the person doing the video to be on 6 different platforms than it is to be on 4.

That’s the beauty of creating your content in batches and then walking away from it and just knowing it’s going to be there. When you start working with AmplifiedNOW, we’ll agree to a content calendar so you’ll know on any given day what you’re going to be talking about on which platform.

Video is Crucial For Your Marketing

Make video content because it’s important, not because it’s easy. Video being easy is just an added perk. Whether you would like to book a call with us to talk about your content strategy or not, I will leave you with this. Start doing video and connecting with people. The numbers and statistics about video are really hard to ignore.

People who do video get leads from their videos. People who don’t obviously don’t. If you are a service-based business where people are making their decisions based on the availability of the service provider. Talk through some of the FAQs on a video, show people your humanity, and let that content live on all of the different places where your audience might be. If you want to learn more, click here to book a call.

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