What Is the ROI of Video?

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Have you ever thought about what the ROI of doing video is for your business?

I love thinking about business investments in terms of return. At the end of the day we’re all trying to earn a profit, right? Thinking about the ROI of doing video reminds me of the inbound marketing company I worked for in 2013.

We were talking to people about content marketing and often tried to tell people about the value of content marketing. It is a fuzzy concept because tracking isn’t perfect and content marketing analytics have gotten a little better over the years.

However, you still can’t quite tell if a new lead booked you because of a specific blog post or opt-in download – unless you ask. The same goes for recording lots of videos and booking business from your video marketing. It just doesn’t work that way.

ROI of Doing Video vs. Content Marketing

Back in 2013, the company I worked at was talking to business owners about content and why it was important to get your content on the first page of Google. If someone is Googling the problem that your product or service solves, then you get to direct that narrative so it makes sense.

Still, that was really hard for people. If someone is conducting a search on Google and they don’t find your business, they’ll likely find one of your competitors instead.  

It’s true that the person or company who is better at marketing will do better. How are people supposed to know how good you are at whatever it is you say you do without actually doing the hard work of finding you?

Let’s get back to the ROI of doing video. If you already agree that it’s important to have content, but that it’s not enough in 2020/2021, from now until forever, you know it’s not enough to simply have a website.

You have to have your website do work for you, i.e., creating content. Maybe you’re creating info graphics, blog posts, and all these other lead magnets so there is more value to get the attention of search engines. Video basically amplifies that.

If Content is Good Then Video Content is Great

Why? Because video is easier to create than a long, important, well-linked, perfectly executed blog post.

It also helps you to connect with people who need to hear what you’re saying, the way that you’re saying it. If your audience has a problem that you can solve – that your business is created to solve – then you meet them with the content that they need to see when they have that question.

When you’re creating your videos, you talk to those problems and you talk about how you solve them. That way, when people start searching for you online, they can find you.

They search for that problem and you have that solution. It’s a perfect harmony. My question for you is how much is one more client worth to you?

Your answer will depend on your industry, but there is so much value in one more client, that it’s worth it to do videos. And there are all kinds of different videos you can do. The ones that we focus on primarily are marketing videos that turn into your content. They become your blog posts and then you can put them on social media.

Schedule them out so that when people have a question, you can be right there to present the answer in your video. You probably have way more than one message. But if you can get in front of people who have that question when they have it, that’s what you are trying to do. Video does that in a much shorter, easier and I’m going to go ahead and say, friendlier way than a blog post.

Doing Video Can Be More Efficient Which is Better For ROI

You will always have to be writing if you have a blogging strategy. You need to come up with fresh content all the time. That often means thousands upon thousands of words on your blog. Or you can hit record and speak to the thing that you are most good at.

Talk on camera, talk to another person. I’ll be on mute if you want to do it with me. I will talk you through the strategy and you can talk to me about a question that I just asked you. From there you can respond to it and sound like the expert that you are.

That’s what these expert videos do. And they’re so fun! Expert videos are also so intimate in a way that simply writing or hiring someone to write a very good piece of blog content often won’t be able to accomplish the same results. So my final answer to the question: What is the ROI of doing video? Is that it’s so high, that not doing video is costing you money.

If you want to talk about a video content strategy yourself, head here to book a call. I’m excited to learn more about how I can help you!

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