What is Content Marketing?

Turn one video into 27 pieces of content

Download the exact checklist we use to turn one 5-10 minute video into 27 pieces of content.

At AmplifiedNOW, we provide a video content strategy service that allows people to do content marketing without actually thinking about an editorial calendar.

While we just started doing content marketing for other businesses, we possess several years of experience in performing content marketing services for our own business. My partner, Emma, is an expert in copywriting for conversions and this includes sales pages and email follow up sequences. I’ve specialized in everything from website design to digital marketing.

Content marketing itself is sort of all that and then some. The other day I was telling someone that we were getting into content marketing and the response was really funny. It went a little something like this, “That sounds great! What’s content marketing?”

It made me realize, not everyone understands content marketing in its entirety. So I’ll be sure to answer the question, ‘What is content marketing?’ in this post today.

Content Marketing is Blogging For Business

Maybe that’s too simplistic, but that’s what it is. It’s also creating content on your website that gives people a reason to come back to your website. When I design a website for someone, I always tell them, “Great, this is step 0.”

It’s a digital brochure and in order to make it work for you, you must do these different things where people will find you, right? If we’re going to go through all the trouble of making sure every word on your page and every pixel on your homepage is perfect, we have to think about the follow-through.

Using a sports analogy is not a good thing for someone like me, but from what I’ve heard, the follow-through is the swing of the golf club even after you’ve hit the ball or swing of the tennis racket – or whatever sport you play but hopefully, you get the point. That is the moment after impact, and it’s the thing that makes the most difference.

Back to building a website. Once you have that website, you’ve made contact with the tennis ball, or the golf ball. But everything that you do from now on is something that you need to do continuously. The follow-through is everything that gets somebody back to your website.

Sadly, the greatest website in the world is not going to get any attention if there’s no reason for somebody to go. There are too many millions of websites out there and people don’t even know what they’re looking for.

Cue Content to Save the Day

Content marketing is one way to get people to come to your site. There are other ways too. You can create a marketing engine, a lead-generating opt-in, on-demand webinar, or even a live webinar that brings people into your system and captures email addresses.

You can send traffic from Facebook or another paid platform to a landing page. Then a certain percentage of those will convert to email subscribers and a certain percentage of those will buy. That’s a good way to build your list too. But you can’t do it without content marketing. Well, you can, but it’s expensive.

Content Marketing Allows You to Show Up on Google

Most people want to get their content in Google search results and with good reason. It can drive more prospects, who need help that you can provide, to your site. Content Marketing is what will get your page to land on the first page of the search engines.

It’s something that you shouldn’t ignore because it’s so much more effective and easier than cold outreach on LinkedIn or email. It’s way cheaper than Facebook.

When Done Correctly, Content Marketings Gets You a Better ROI

But thinking about it in terms of ROI, if you have 6 months of videos on your site, and not just your site, but YouTube, and LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook, and Instagram, then people are coming to you from those different platforms. You’re showing up where those people are and it’s so much easier than trying to figure out what the Facebook algorithm is because there’s only a specific kind of traffic that will work for Facebook.

The problem-solution equation is something that can really only be solved with content marketing and video content marketing is the easiest way to get started. If you want to book a call with me to learn more about how we can help you develop a winning content marketing strategy, click here.

I’d love to see if you are a good fit for our service. And if you’re not, I’m happy to send you on your way with a checklist of things you should implement yourself. I’ll talk to you soon!

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