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Quiz Building Playbook

You read How to make a lead generating quiz (+ 7 examples) and now you want to build a quiz for your business. Lucky for you, we've pulled together all the resources you need to knock this out in an afternoon.

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    what kind of quiz

    Step One:

    Decide which type of quiz you're going to create

    Knowledge quiz

    This one is relatively easy to set up but is a little harder to figure out why someone would give you their email address in exchange for “detailed” results.

    Personality quiz

    Personality quizzes have more complex logic than others.

    What you’re doing when you create one is saying, “this result would answer this way” for each personality type.

    Then you’ll want the calculation to tally up all the person’s answers, find the one that recurs the most, and spit out their result.

    Assessment quiz

    This one you’ll have to map out either on paper or in a nested bulleted list.

    • Option 1
      • A
        • 1a
      • B
        • 1b
    • Option 2
      • A
        • 2a
      • B
        • 2b

    And so forth.

    These are honestly my favorite to create because they’re a path toward helping someone make their next decision.

    Scored quiz

    These remind me of SEVENTEEN magazine, where each answer was weighted, and the results were something along the lines of:

    • 0-5: not so boy crazy
    • 5-10: a little boy crazy
    • 10+: the boy craziest in the world

    They’re easy to set up and fun to put together. A word of warning, though: they don’t convert as well as some of the other types.

    Resources: Quiz Topic Prompts

    How to make a lead generating quiz (+ 7 examples)

    A lead generating quiz is simply a quiz that asks for an email address at some point in the process.

    But of course, it goes deeper than that. Because the first question you should be asking yourself is, “What sort of quiz would my ideal client want to take that connects them to my offer?”

    brainstorm your questions

    Step Two:

    Brainstorm your questions

    Remember, start with the end in mind. It's easier to figure out the final results and work backward than to start with questions and figure out where they lead.

    Try to come up with 8-12 questions. You don't want this to take them ten minutes to get through. Nor do you want them to feel like it was so easy it wasn't worth taking.

    You might add or remove a question or two once you are done and have a few testers take it. It's worth getting that feedback before you launch it to the public.


    Step Three:

    Write your results descriptions

    Write at least a paragraph about each endpoint. You'll use these on the results page and in your email sequence.

    Include information about the result, and suggestions on how to use that information.

    Here are examples from our quiz:

    You are… the strategist!

    You see the big picture. The zoomed-out view. You can visualize your next move, and you thrive in the planning stage. Our best advice for you is to spend more time implementing your big plans before moving on to your next one.

    You are… the integrator!

    You thrive in the details. The way you work is a lot like a GPS. A destination is set, and you figure out the best way to get there. You love spreadsheets, checklists, and marking things off on your to-do lists. Our best advice for you is to make sure to evaluate whether you still want to reach the destination you set for your business. Do a quick check-in every 90 days or so, then readjust as necessary.

    You are… the dreamer!

    You love ideating. You love brainstorming. You love thinking about innovative solutions to problems. You’re not someone who fusses about the details. You thrive in new situations. Creating something from the ground up is what gets you up in the morning. Our best advice for you is to channel your energy into building upon the foundation you’ve set. You could spread yourself too thin if you aren’t careful.

    You are… the connector!

    You keep a Rolodex in your brain, and you’re known for making introductions. You’re always invited to parties, and your presence is always appreciated. Networking is your strong suit. Our best advice for you is to keep giving generously, but don’t be afraid to ask your network to help you when you need it.

    write your emails

    Step Four:

    Write your emails

    There are two ways to go about the “email sequence” part of creating a lead generating quiz:

    1. Send everyone through the same sequence, regardless of their endpoint
    2. Segment your list by endpoint, sending differently worded language to people based on their endpoints

    There are pluses and minuses to each option.

    Writing one email sequence is (obviously) easier than writing a unique sequence for each endpoint.

    But if you have a different product suggestion for each endpoint, it’s worth taking the time and effort to write separate sequences.

    The quiz I’ve drafted here will suggest the template and swipe file vault, regardless of marketing style.

    But let’s say you had a quiz where one endpoint led to your high-ticket offer while the remaining endpoints led to your medium- or low-ticket offer.

    Then of course you’re going to have to write a couple of different email sequences.

    In our quiz playbook, we have outlines of email sequences to get you started. But generally speaking, you’re going to want to write at least five emails after the quiz. Each with one call-to-action.

    Take the time to make these emails good. You just created an amazing quiz, do NOT lose that momentum with a lackluster email sequence!

    Resource: Post Quiz Email Sequence

    quiz tech

    Step Three:

    Set up the tech

    Now that you’ve created your quiz and emails, it’s time to look into the best quiz builder for you.

    We use (and love) Paperform.

    Paperform allows you to:

    • Create logic piping
    • Ask just about any type of question you can think of
    • Integrate with ConvertKit and a whole host of other software

    And it’s so super easy.

    Which is why I left it for the end.

    Because the truth is, you can buy other software. I used Interact in the past and liked it.

    But if you’re already paying for a form builder, you can use it for your quiz.

    This is true for Typeform and Gravity Forms as well.

    Heck, you could probably do it in Google forms, but it won’t win any beauty contests. (https://g.co/createaquiz)



    Step Four:

    Launch your new quiz

    Ask a few friends to go through the quiz for you and make sure everything works. Then put it everywhere!

    • On your home page
    • As an opt-in in your blog posts
    • On your social media
    • In your social bios
    • In your email signature

    Sit back and watch the new subscribers roll in!

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