What we learned from taking lead generating quizzes

Tell views how many questions they need to answer or how long the quiz will take. People are busy and want to know if they have time for the quiz before they start.

Gate content! Ask for their email before you provide the results.  Need to sweeten the post? Tell them you'll email them a coupon or freebie along with their quiz results.

Keep it on brand. Is your brand playful? Serious? Quirky?  Make sure your quiz reflects that so you attract your ideal customer.

Don't make your quiz super long. Stay under 12 questions if possible.  Show a progress bar if possible so that people know how much longer the test will take.

Personalize your results page. Offer them products or services based on their results.  Show them a landing page with more in depth info on their results.

Create a quiz that doesn't tie to your offerings.  If someone takes the quiz, have something to offer them that can help.

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