How We Can Amplify Your Income in Just

90 minutes

My superpowers lie in my ability to take a look at someone’s business and see, at a high level, what they could add to bring in more subscribers, generate more revenue streams, and amplify their impact online. Emma’s superpowers lie in her ability to take the big picture ideas and break them down into simple, easy-to-follow steps that invigorate rather than leave a person overwhelmed. Combined, we’ve come up with something that will help anyone who needs feedback on their offer or just their next move.

When you book an Offer Diagnostic with us, we'll have you fill out a detailed form that includes all the relevant information about your offer and your business. This allows us to do our homework BEFORE we meet with you.

The call is meant to be action-oriented. We will dive into your offer to find its weak points. We might help improve your copy or page design, your landing page, sales page, or ads. We might even change the format of the offer itself!

Less than one week later, you get a complete personalized roadmap (as well as a three-month subscription to the amplifiedNOW membership vault) delivered to you. We reconvene with the notes we took during the session and step-by-step instructions on how to take it from here.

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