quiz templates

to help you create, personalize, and deploy a lead-generating quiz in less than an afternoon.




These are by far the most popular types of quizzes on the internet. People love learning more about themselves. What’s more entertaining than learning a bit more about yourself?



These are the quizzes you think about when you remember school. Pop quiz! How much do you know about {{this topic}}? Are you smarter than a fourth-grader? Do you know all this technical jargon about an industry?



Scored quizzes are similar to knowledge quizzes in that they harken back to simpler times: the classroom. These are scorecards, and they’re graded. If you’re considering setting up a scored quiz, you’ll just need to figure out the math.



These are the most fun (and the most challenging!) quizzes to build. The idea with these is that people who answer the first question one way get a different second question than the others. You can end up with a lot of paths that need to be taken into consideration when you build an assessment type of quiz, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing that.

Those are the four main types. Which will you create?