to update your YouTube channel for more views

3 Steps

Glancing at your YouTube analytics a bit depressing? You can update your YouTube channel to optimize for more views by focusing on a few key things. Namely, thumbnails, the title, and the meta description.

Step 1: Recreate the thumbnails

Make sure your titles are clear and the text stands out. Don't overcrowd the image. And be sure the branding is cohesive.

Step 2: Update the titles + meta descriptions

Review your descriptions and edit for uniformity in first/third person and then  flesh out unclear descriptions with more detail.

Step 3: Add appropriate tags

Make sure you are using tags relevant to your topic. Be sure to review which tags are ranking and update accordingly. 


1. Are your thumbnails clear and easy to read? 2. Do your titles tell people what your video is about? 3. Are your meta descriptions simple and informative? 4. Have you used tags for each video?

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