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There are many different places to use video when it comes to your business. I focus on content, mainly because blogs are one of the most neglected parts of people’s websites.

One thing I love about starting AmplifiedNOW is that I get to tell people about a really easy way to get a new blog post that sounds and looks like them every single week over the span of 6 months. Our process is not complicated when working with clients, but I realized recently that I’m overlooking something big.

One of our clients was talking about where else we could use videos, and he had some ideas. We looked at a competitor’s website who had videos for FAQ. Then I thought of another one of our existing clients who has a video titled, “Why I do what I do.” This was a great idea because of course, your blog and YouTube channel are great places to share videos.

But you could still be missing some key areas when you look outside of doing videos for marketing purposes.

Let’s Talk About Videos For FAQ Pages

When my client originally proposed we look at a competitor’s website, we went to someone’s FAQ page and saw they were using video to answer questions. Instead of clicking on the drop-down menu under the question and seeing a text answer, it was a video explanation.

These videos were short and they almost certainly are not part of the content distribution that we do for your blog posts. You don’t need an answer to a FAQ to be on any of your social channels or scheduled out into the future. But what you do need is a way for people to connect with you while you’re answering questions and providing more information.

It’s a really cool way to make videos for FAQ and About pages look like your own and not just one that you copied off of somebody else’s FAQ page. It also adds personality and authority to a part of your website that is conversion oriented.

People are looking at the FAQ page because they’re looking for reason why your product or service isn’t going to work for them. And if your videos for FAQ and about pages are set up in such a way to relieve people’s doubts and provide clarity, it will work in your favor. When you answer questions to common objections via video in advance, it makes it that much easier to convince someone to get on a phone call.

Video Can Take Your About Page to the Next Level

Now let’s talk about your about page specifically. Depending on the size of your company, your about page might have a Who We Are roster. You may have studio images from when a photographer came in and took everyone’s pictures. It has the same blue background, and a one or two-sentence blurb about each person.

But does that really show off your company’s personality? I would argue that it doesn’t. Let’s go back to the client I have, John, who had the video titled “Why I Do What I do.” We put that video on his About page.

The people that are clicking on your about page are looking for reasons to work with you or not. They’re scanning to see if you’re someone that they can trust. If they hit the play button on your about page, they’re so much more likely to convert.

Getting Started with Videos for FAQ and About Pages on Your Website

Those are two key ways to add video to your website that don’t include the whole repurposing or whole marketing side of things.

To do this, you’ll need to upload your videos to a private network, not YouTube. You don’t need them to be readily available on anywhere but your website. You also don’t need to transcribe them although you can still caption them if you want.

Adding these types of videos to your website will really make it come alive and help you connect with people who are seriously considering working with you. That said, if you’re seriously considering working with us, click here to book a free call to discuss your marketing needs.

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