Don’t Let Your Video Strategy Start and End With YouTube

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Video is hands-down one of the best and easiest ways to connect with your audience in a way that just piles and piles of text can’t. But let’s talk about your video strategy and what to do with your videos after they’ve been uploaded to YouTube. I don’t want you to start and end your entire video strategy with one platform.

I see this so many times where someone uploads something to YouTube and that’s great. You can tell they spent hours and hours and hours on it but it only stays on YouTube. Or, someone records a Facebook live that just goes so well and then it just stays there.

There is a number of different ways where you can stop making a great video and just stop when it comes to the actual follow-through. This is where I see so much opportunity.

Your Video Strategy Shouldn’t Just Stop at YouTube

If you’re going to take the time to record yourself on video, take the time or hire out the necessary means to keep it going. What I mean by that is even people who identify as writers – even the most brilliant writers that I know – sound so good on camera. They come across so expertly when talking to someone about their expertise and knowledge.

You see that they sort of transform into a different person. They straighten their shoulders back and teach you exactly what you’ve asked them to teach you. There’s so much to that.

If you just leave it on YouTube, yeah, sure you may get some traffic. YouTube is owned by Google, but it’s all up to the algorithm even though it’s your words and creative property.

Repurposing Your Videos Will Grow Your Reach

What if you could turn your words into content that worked for you over time? What I mean by that is take that video, transcribe it. Pay someone to transcribe it or get a robot to do it. I like

As long as you have taken the effort to get yourself a good mic, your transcript will be good. After you have a transcript, you can turn that into a blog post. You can also turn it into an email, Twitter thread, or even a few Instagram quotes to take your video strategy to the next level. Use your video to quote yourself instead of quoting someone who’s been quoted a million times before online.

You can use one 5-minute video to amplify your expertise. That’s actually part of why our company is called AmplifiedNOW because we really want you and anybody who just uploads stuff to YouTube, hoping it’ll go somewhere. I can help you make it go somewhere. Reach out to me, by booking a call here.

We’ll talk about how you can take that existing content and transform it into something else. I still hope you do that because I really want to help you get the most mileage out of the things that you’re already doing. Talk to you soon!

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