Why Video is the Easiest Way to Build a Content Strategy

Turn one video into 27 pieces of content

Download the exact checklist we use to turn one 5-10 minute video into 27 pieces of content.

You’re building your business around your thoughts and your expertise. You are a thought leader whether you think you are or not, and a video content strategy is the best way to demonstrate it.

It’s important to realize how video creates so much content so quickly and is the absolute easiest way to build up a blog. For example, let’s say you just hired someone, maybe me to create a website for you.

Creating a website is Step 0 in terms of building an online presence and capturing an audience. When it comes to getting people to see your thoughts and what you have to offer, video can be a much easier strategy.

Almost Anyone Can Start Doing Video

I’ll be honest, at first, it can seem a bit stressful. You may be critical of yourself and want to start over or do it again. You may even want to script out talking points, but trust me, it’s the kind of thing that gets easier with time. If you can speak at a dinner party or a networking event (remember those?), you can certainly do video.

The key is to stand in your expertise and talk about your topic in a way that makes people want to work with you. You’ll see that video is such a good way to connect with people. Plus, you’re never going to make half-hour videos. People don’t have the attention span for that.

You want to set up a conversation where you’re speaking about your expertise – you’re telling a story. You give somebody a call to action and you move on with your day.

This is a full content strategy right there because if you can speak 50 times, you’ve got a year’s worth of content right there in blog posts. Your words end up filling your social media scheduler. Then all you have to do with social media is start retweeting other people’s things and sharing other people’s content.

A Content Strategy That Works For You Over Time

As you build your presence, the video marketing strategy basically just works long-term. That’s one of the things that I think is really beautiful about video content strategy. In the old days of a few years ago, all the rage was to write only pillar content.

Only write the very best piece about your topic that exists on the internet. If you’re not going to write something that’s over 2,000 words, then why are you even writing in the first place? I don’t think that logic served anybody.

All it did was give a lot of stress to people who don’t consider themselves writers, people who don’t want to be blogging, and people who don’t want to be thinking about content all the time.

All of a sudden, it was such a burden. If you were supposed to write 2,000 words a week on your topic, it was always top of mind because as soon as you finish it, you need to be thinking about the next one.

Video solves all of that. It’s so great because you can get all your thoughts out of your mind and out into the world to free up more headspace.

AmplifiedNOW Offers an Exclusive Premium Service

We don’t want you to worry about putting forth the time and energy to decide how you’ll outsource and repurpose your content. Let us take care of that with our exclusive premium service that is for the most part, hands-off for you.

Together we’ll sit down and record as many videos as possible in one sitting. Then, we get them edited and those videos become your entire content strategy. You get a blog post, long-form LinkedIn content, Facebook posts, Twitter posts and more. It all depends on your goals but you get all of that packaged up from seriously less than a few hours of work per month for you.

I’m so passionate about this service because you have better things to do than worry about your content. You probably don’t want to outsource writing because it likely won’t sound like your own voice.

But with our video marketing and content strategy, the blog posts will be based on your unique voice so you won’t need to hire a content strategist at all.

What is that worth to you? Our packages are reasonable. If you’d like to learn more please head here to book a call with us. We’d love to talk with you and see if we could be a good fit for your content strategy and marketing needs!

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