Doing Marketing Differently: Using Physical Goods to Stand Out with Andrea Pereira

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video-first content marketing agency that helps people get out of their own way when creating content. She sat down with Andrea Pereira, the owner of Rocket Science Branding, to find out how she is doing marketing differently by using physical goods to stand out.

Creative Branding Using Physical Goods

After over ten years in marketing, Andrea started Rocket Science Branding in 2019 to help organizations cultivate their communities through strategic and creative branded merchandise.

Andrea believes deeply in memorable swag, not spam, from water bottles and t-shirts to custom gifts and high-end products, to achieve internal and external campaign objectives. 

Andrea’s Career Journey

Andrea’s entry into this industry was accidental. 

During college, to pay for school, she got a job. She started as a receptionist and then began doing more administrative work. After a couple of years, she moved to a highly creative firm where she really learned what promotional products could be.

After trying her hand at teaching, finance, and law, and while getting her MBA, she realized that she had tried so many things and that she actually really liked what she was doing in marketing promotion. 

She began to explore how she could make it work. After learning so much from her previous jobs, Andrea stepped out on her own and started Rocket Science Branding two years ago. 

From Traditional To Custom

Andrea’s range of projects ranges from banners to custom gifts to more traditional items, like pens. 

One of her recent favorite projects was a totally custom “Taste the Mediterranean” box for a company that had to cancel a Mediterranean Tour due to the pandemic. Rocket Science Branding created a custom box to apologize for the canceled cruise with delicious regional treats and promotional items.

Andrea also loves working on custom apparel that can’t be found anywhere else. She works with the mills and the cutting and sewing teams to create something unique and one-of-a-kind. 

It really just depends on how the client wants to approach the work. Do they want creative, out-of-the-box thinking, or do they already know precisely what they want? 

For Andrea, that’s the beauty of it. Every single day is different. Every single client is different. It’s a lot of fun to be creative, but it’s important that those projects are balanced out.


When it comes to marketing, Andrea focuses on networking. She tries to be out in as many places as she can. 
She hopes that the work she does for her clients stands out as memorable and encourages more people to explore what Rocket Science Branding can do for and their marketing.

Telling Your Story

When it comes to their clients, there is a wide range of budgets and needs. Their average invoice value is around $5,000. However, they work with clients who just need one tablecloth or custom race uniforms and medals. 

Regardless of what you need, Rocket Science Branding focuses on telling a story. They want to connect your brand with your audience, and that takes an investment. Not just a price point, but an investment of time and effort. Andrea doesn’t just want to put your logo on a product. She wants to understand your story, connect your brand, and help you create your community.

Learn More!

If you want to learn more about the work that Andrea and Rocket Science Branding you can see some examples of their products on Instagram.

Doing Marketing Differently

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Using physical goods to stand out
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