Doing Marketing Differently: Turning Fans into Investors with Andee Liao

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW. A video-first marketing agency that helps you get out of your own way when it comes to creating content.

She sat down with Andee Liao, the founder of DSub, a platform that helps creators turn fans into investors to talk about how she’s doing marketing differently.

A Place For Artists And Investors

While DSub is still in the early stages, Andee is talking with creators and trying to find the best way to engage a specific segment of a fanbase. She believes that many tools target a wider audience, but there is a gap when it comes to angel investing. 

Andee has worked in the tech industry for the last five years, and she believes in helping artists and creatives make the most out of their art without spending too much time on logistics. 

Andee has a lot of friends who are angel investors, who are really into artists and creators. However, she has noticed that while they are fans of an artist, they don’t invest in them the same way they would a start-up. 

She wants to introduce an investment mentality instead of a fan mentality. So rather than just spending money on concert tickets or even following a tour, as an investor, you’d invest money in the artist or creator while also offering to advise them with a unique skill set you have. 

For Andee, she offers her skills as a technical advisor, and any artist she supports has access to her advice and network to help them succeed. 

Even though Andee sees great value in supporting creators and artists by buying merchandise, products, or tickets, investing in a creator and getting a return from working with them allows you to put that money back into other creators, amplifying the investment.

Digital Creators

Currently, Andee and DSub are most excited about working with digital creators because they are typically undervalued and often don’t understand how to monetize their art.

They are looking for creators who have their own fan base but need help managing the technical side of things.

Data Freedom

Because DSub will be based on the blockchain, it will be easy to turn a super fan into an investor while still having a certain safety guarantee for creators so that they still own their data and product regardless of the status of their investor or the platform.

Rather than locking the creator into a platform that owns all the demographic and financial information from their supporters, DSub plans to have the artist be in control and in direct relationship with their fans and investors.

It will also take the burden off of the artist to create and maintain their email list. 

Right now, DSub is still in the early stages, but Andee envisions it not as a discovery platform but a space for creators to bring their fan base. It will make it easy for the artist to reach out to their fans while the fans can create an investment relationship with the creator. 

Andee hopes this type of platform will help both creators, fans, and investors get more out of their favorite art and music. 

Doing Marketing Differently

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Turning fans into investors
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