How This Travel Blogger Does Marketing Differently with Isabel Leong

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video-first content marketing agency that helps experts and entrepreneurs get out of their own way with content marketing.

She sat down with Isabel Leong, a full-time travel blogger and SEO coach, to talk about how she is doing marketing differently.

Turning A Hobby Into A Business

Isabel is a self-proclaimed digital nomad from Singapore. She draws energy from being outdoors and loves to roam the world at a whim. 

Besides seeing the world, her passion is to help aspiring bloggers and brands achieve traffic goals and financial freedom with online content and expose millennial travelers to experiences beyond their imaginations.

Isabel started blogging in 2002 when she was a student. It was mostly a personal journal, but she had been blogging for ten years before she knew it. 

However, it wasn’t until 2015 that she got serious about blogging. She wanted to take her love for travel, share her journey, and document her pictures from all around the world. From that idea, Bel Around The World was born.

Isabel has always been a writer. She used to freelance for different magazines and publications, both print and digital. But, desiring the freedom to travel and explore at her own pace, she began using her travel blog to experiment with different ways to increase her online presence and the traffic to her blog. 

Isabel started spending time on all the social media platforms, writing about different topics and experimenting with different headlines. But that didn’t create the success she had hoped for. After more research and practice, she found what clicked for her – SEO

Using SEO To Do More While Working Less

Isabel found SEO to be the most effective way to increase traffic to her site without constantly putting in time and effort on social media. Efficiency is important to Isabel so she can spend as much time as possible traveling and enjoying her life.

SEO has allowed Isabel to have mostly organic traffic to her blog. As a result, she spends very little time on social media and has chosen instead to focus on SEO to make the most of her time.

SEO Coaching

Now, Isabel works to teach others how they can become more successful through SEO. 

With her students who have just started blogs or businesses, she tells them to focus on particular keywords related to their business or industry and build a content library around those.

If you are just getting started, Isabel says the most important thing you can do is consistently put up content. As much as possible, sit down and brainstorm all the different topics related to your business, industry, or niche.

Then, as you come up with topics, conduct some keyword research. If no one is searching for those keywords, there isn’t much point in creating content around them.

Isabel encourages her students to increase their brand awareness and allow other people to associate you with that brand or with your expertise. She recommends doing this through outreach, whether that is writing guest posts, appearing on podcasts, or doing a social media take-over. These things amplify your message and associate you with the expert topics you are talking about.

It may take some time before you begin seeing results from the work you put into SEO, but when you look at content creation as a long game, you’ll be able to achieve your goals and reach your target audience more effectively.

Learn More!

If you want to learn more about Isabel, you can find her on her website, where she is offering a free SEO course. In her course, you’ll learn how to get more free traffic to your website faster. 

She’ll teach you to press pause on blogging overwhelm, stop spending time on ineffective methods for blog promotion, and get clear, specific, bite-sized pointers that help you create a professional-looking brand.
With her tips, you’ll be able to:

  • get found on Google
  • attract the right target audience
  • grow your traffic
  • earn an income monetizing your passion
  • and make a difference in someone’s life.

Doing Marketing Differently

We’d love to hear how you and your business are doing marketing differently! Click here to get in touch with us and be featured on the blog.

How This Travel Blogger Does Marketing Differently
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