Destination: REVENUE

Turn your website into a fully functioning marketing engine in less time than you thought possible.

The perfect collection for digital entrepreneurs — service providers, coaches, consultants, experts — who are overwhelmed by all the things they have to do in addition to actually providing their service in order to stay viable.

Find out how to:

  • Create a working sales funnel

    (Even if you don't yet know what a sales funnel is, or why you need one!)

  • Write a sales page that will inspire people to act

    (And hit publish on it before it starts collecting digital dust!)

  • Build a new lead-generating opt-in

    (And get it running in the time it takes most people to brainstorm it!)

  • Turn your website into your best employee

    (One that doesn't take long lunch breaks!)

What's included in Destination: REVENUE?

Everything you need to add revenue to your business's bottom line.

This is easy access to every single template, swipe file, slide deck, email sequence, brainstorming document, and toolkit necessary to consistently get your own marketing done WITHOUT endless research, complicated systems, or setting yourself up to spin out from overcomplicating things.


30+ documents and growing!

Are you ready to drive more revenue?


There are many paths that lead to revenue. The important piece is the destination.

Here's a sampling of the templates and swipe files that you get access to, immediately:

  • How to start downloading ideas

    What do you know? What do you know about the things you know? 

  • Turn a hour of work into 52 pieces of content

    Learn to turn a hour of video recording into all the content you need for a month.

  • 12 sales page mistakes and how to fix them

    Here are common sales page copy and design mistakes. Check your pages before you hit publish!

  • A la carte pricing sheet example

    Utilize this as a jumping off point for your own list of a la carte pricing. Create line items, categorized if necessary.

  • Brainstorming your webinar topic

    Decide on the endpoint. Brainstorm webinar topics. Let it rest. Pick your favorite.

  • Buyer intent keywords

    Do not ignore organic traffic. If you want people in a buying mood to land on your stuff, start here.

  • Everything you need to launch a digital offer

    From audience and platform to webinars and ... webinars.

  • Funnel Template

    Simple funnel template, perfect for your first funnel.

  • Guided brand discovery workbook

    This is a comprehensive brand strategy guide to give clients before doing any design work for them.

  • High converting headlines

    Create better headlines using these prompts and templates.

  • Homepage optimization checklist

    Links. Headlines. Above the fold. Social proof. As seen on. Links in the footer.

  • How to write an intro

    Opening. Point of view. Back story. Twists and turns. External validators. Humanize yourself. Call to action.

  • Ideal customer workbook

    Define your ideal customer for a better connection.

Even if you only used a handful of the templates and swipe files in the vault to create marketing pieces on your site that didn't exist before, imagine how much farther along you'd be in the creation process.

Use the vault until you've grown to the point where you want to start outsourcing your marketing. Become a member. Learn how to set up a marketing system that runs for you, in the background, while you keep wearing the other 29 hats in your business.

We might even send you a gift when you get here. 🙂

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