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April's playbook is all about creating lead-generating quizzes.



by amplifiedNOW

The ultimate annual subscription for coaches, consultants, service providers, and freelancers who want the tools, templates, and guidance to turn ideas into content.


Get everything you need to create on-brand, highly engaging social posts, sales pages, emails, and opt-ins that amplify your message and sell your offers WITHOUT running yourself ragged, all for LESS than $2 per day.

"I was shocked at the pure volume of resources in the Vault! Everything I needed to get my business up and running.
No matter what topic you need help with as an entrepreneur, chances are pretty good there's a template, checklist, or cheat sheet in the Vault right now that covers it."


Project Manager

"The vault and the playbooks are GOLD. They're worth so much more than you're charging."


Online Entrepreneur

"When we decided to start our own social media agency, using The Vault gave us all the tools we needed to start quickly and efficiently - without reinventing the wheel. If you're having trouble figuring out where to focus or where to start, start in The Vault! What feels like endless valuable content is tidily organized and optimized to help improve your business processes and give yourself the greatest gift of all - more time for you."


Social Media Manager

"I've worked with both of these brilliant minds and they are expert marketers. If you're looking for marketing support or you're trying to figure out how to structure your first offer, these two are a godsend."



Do you struggle with keeping up on your social media?

Are you constantly scrounging for post ideas, struggling to keep up with the need to post EVERY day, or creating content for one platform at a time?

Here's the thing...

It's not your fault.


Chances are, you didn't get into this line of work to spend entire days on various social media platforms.

Researching the "right" hashtags.

Engaging with the "right" accounts.

Following, and unfollowing.

Spending two hours trying to get a post right, only to get little to no traction.

What they don't tell you...

Really only one thing matters on social media...


Truly, the best and only way to grow your audience on social media is to post consistently on social media.

That might sound like an oversimplification, but it's true.

Posting high-quality content on every channel on a consistent basis is how you'll grow your audience, increase engagement, and increase your sales.

That's both good news and bad news.


"Great news! All you have to do is post everywhere all the time, without breaks!"



The thing is, it's ridiculously hard to come up with the right combination of educational, pithy, community building content. It's hard for us, and we do this sort of thing for a living!

It's easy to say things like "spend as much time posting your own social media content as you do scrolling" but that's close to impossible.

Plus that kind of advice leads itself to more, not less, scrolling.


What are you supposed to do?

The way I see it, you have a few options:

  • Continue to struggle, hoping it'll somehow just get easier

  • Spend more energy creating a new offer before adequately testing your current offer

  • Giving up on social media altogether, and going for an all-SEO approach


You can get yourself some assistance.

Assistance can look different depending on a variety of factors

  • You could take another course, hoping it'll be something more than extra homework on top of your existing workload

  • You could hire a different expert for every platform you're prioritizing


Or you can take a strategic approach and get templates and swipe files to post consistently every day for a month.

Copy of social media image for the vault


  • Never dealing with "blank page syndrome" on any platform

  • Spending an hour each month TOTAL on social media creation

  • Using templates, swapping out text and graphics and fonts and colors, and making them 100% yours

If you had a baseline of templated content, then you could post on social media whenever you felt like it and you'd still win the consistency game.



by amplifiedNOW


EVERYTHING you need to amplify your message online. On ANY platform.

Monthly playbooks with templates to help you grow your business. Some months will cover amplifying your content, some will cover ideas to help you add revenue streams. All while working smarter, not harder.

54+ Canva templates per month that you can easily edit and make yours. Swap out copy, change the graphic, make the fonts and colors yours, and BAM! You have content scheduled every day for the month on any platform.

Extra bonuses, specific to that month's playbook. Twitter threads, caption ideas, outlines for TikTok and Instagram reels... you get the idea.

Spend an hour a month on executing a social media strategy that will amplify your content, increase your revenue, and grow your business.

The Vault is for you if:

  • You have a digital business without the budget to outsource marketing

  • You want to make marketing easier and build a repeatable system

  • You want to stop wasting time on marketing activities that don't work

Who The Vault is NOT for

The Vault by amplifiedNOW is not for:

  • People who want marketing done FOR them

  • People who aren't on social media and quite frankly, don't want to be

  • People who are happy with their current social media amplification

Let's face it. If you're growing a business with any sort of digital component, you need to use social media.

And every piece of social content you create needs to do one of the following for your audience:

  • Educate: Teach your audience about your topic
  • Amplify: Give you credibility (testimonials, feedback, awards you've won)
  • Convert: Explain your offer, increase sales

But if you don't take a strategic approach, your content won't connect.

Have you seen someone who really leans into the conversion content without building anything first? BUY NOW gets repeated, but their audience likely doesn't even know what it is that they're selling.

Because they didn't follow our framework. Or really, any framework. They just got onto social media and thought, "I MUST SELL TODAY" and came across... kind of gross.

The social media templates from The Vault each month take a different approach. They're tailored to have the right mix of education, amplifying your expertise, and conversion.

What EXACTLY is inside the vault?

Every month, you get a new playbook that includes:

  • A big-picture idea on something you can do to add a revenue stream or build your audience

  • The step-by-step breakdown of how to go from idea to done

  • Swipe files and templates to help you build emails, landing pages, sales pages, and more

  • 54+ editable graphics to help you save time and be consistent across your social channels

  • 27+ social media content prompts, fill-in-the-blank posts, and sound suggestions.

Plus, get access to every playbook past + present

To recap, that's:

  • MONTHLY Playbooks

    Get step-by-step processes that you can follow to add revenue streams, increase your authority, and scale your business.

  • MONTHLY Office Hours

    You'll have access to both Kathleen + Emma, who can answer your questions and help you get unstuck.

  • EVERY Course

    Copy Blocks, Email Blocks, Webinar Blocks, and more.

  • OVER 75 Templates + Swipe files

    Never deal with "blank page syndrome" again.

The strategic plan

Every month, you'll get ideas for launching new 90-day experiments. 

We call these playbooks. 


To date, we've built playbooks around:

  • Starting a business

  • Creating content

  • Repurposing content

  • Building a strategic social plan

  • Building a lead-generating quiz

  • Writing + designing a sales page

  • Creating + designing a webinar funnel

Plus, every playbook comes with a surprise

These little extras help save you time and energy, making amplification easier.

  • Twitter thread templates

  • TikTok prompts

  • Google Web Stories templates

  • Hashtag research

  • Bonus brainstorming sessions

Join now, and get access to everything we've done before.

All the templates and swipe files we've used in our high-ticket done-for-you work are ready for you to use.


Members not only get new playbooks at the beginning of every month for a year, they get access to every previous playbook we've ever created.

No more starting from scratch. Ideate, build, and launch.

So, what's the cost of membership?

Let's recap everything you get when you become a member:

Monthly marketing playbooks

to add revenue streams, grow your audience, and amplify your authority

Monthly social media content templates

to help you post consistent, lead-generating content across all social channels

Monthly surprise gift

based on feedback from members on what's needed most

Monthly group coaching sessions

to help you get unstuck in real-time


Total value: $7,800/year

These numbers aren't random.

When we work with clients, we use the templates and swipe files within the vault to give them a high-end, high-touch, luxury experience. And we charge $15,000-20,000 per quarter.

The templates and swipe files inside the vault will save you hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.

Compare that with hiring it out. Even if you don't hire us, you're still looking at spending anywhere from $1500 to $6000 a month on marketing.

And that's without considering your time. How long did it take you to post your last post on Instagram? One hour? Two hours?

Think of all the time you'll get back simply by joining the vault.

It's not a $7,800 per month investment.

In fact, it's not even $7,800 per year.

We're on a mission to help 10,000 entrepreneurs who are helping improve their corners of the world so they can reach more people, amplify their message, and keep doing what they do best.

Join now!

$399 / year

  • Instant access to 27+ monthly social media prompts,
    PLUS 27+ more every month
  • Instant access to 54+ monthly editable social media templates,
    PLUS 54+ more every month
  • Instant access to 12+ existing Playbooks
  • Access to a new Playbook every month
  • Access to over 75 templates, swipe files, workbooks, and more
    in our digital product vault
  • Access to monthly community coaching calls

Frequently asked questions

A playbook takes a big idea, like creating a lead-generating quiz, and breaks it down step by step so anyone can create one on their own. It includes every single asset you'd need to implement something, too, so the quiz playbook has suggestions for software, instructions for complex logic, an email follow-up sequence, and more.

We have a scaled down version of a playbook here: Get the Content Playbook.

Yes! Each template is 100% customizable. Fonts, colors, logos, graphics, the whole nine yards. And you don't even need a paid Canva account to access them.

As of last count, there are ten playbooks, with more built every month.

It does! Annual membership starts the month you sign up and continues for the next 11 months. So, that's 12 new playbooks plus every playbook we've created up until this point, as well as all the templates and swipe files we've organized.

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