The Hidden Benefit of Creating Videos

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Everyone knows I love doing video. I love it for marketing and because it’s connection that scales.

Getting into video is a great way to present yourself as someone who knows what you’re talking about. If you’re looking to build your expertise, video is one of the best ways to do that so long as you’re consistent. If that didn’t sound like enough of an incentive to motivate you to get started with video, there is a hidden benefit of creating videos as well. I’ll tell you what that is but first I have a quick story.

I’m Not an Influencer and Neither Are You

I was recently talking with a friend who is doing videos and asked me how she should share her latest video she’d uploaded on YouTube with her list. Her initial thought was to include a few sentences from the transcript of her video in her email newsletter then share a link so people could go watch the full video on YouTube.

I basically told her that yes, her audience would likely resonate with the video’s topic but this was the wrong way to go about it.

Why? Well for starters, my friend’s goal is not to become popular on YouTube and I’m sure your goal isn’t either.

When you’re doing videos, it’s important to remember that you’re an expert building a business around your own knowledge and experience. You’re not an influencer and you’re probably not interested in going viral on YouTube especially if it does absolutely nothing for your business.

The Hidden Benefit of Creating Videos Involves Content Creation

I told my friend if all this was true, then why is she asking her email list to leave the comfort of her inbox and click over to her YouTube channel? The reason why you’re doing expert videos is to connect with people. Your email list exists because a certain number of people have come to your website, or probably your website and found a way to continue the connection with you. They’ve joined your newsletter and downloaded your opt-in.

People don’t let everybody into their inbox. It’s a sacred space. So if you agree that the point of videos is to connect and build your expertise and authority, then the point of the video becomes content creation. Once you have that video and audio, you can transcribe it.

There are plenty of services that will transcribe it. We use Otter. You just upload the audio file to Otter, it spits back a transcript, you make your edits, and then you edit it more for email. Even if you’re talking for 5 or 10 minutes, that’s a lot of text to put in an email.

So you edit it down. Get the gems, and convey the message that you were trying to convey. Then you send it off without the call to action encouraging them to click on this video. They don’t care that you did a video. You don’t either. It’s already done.

Do This Instead of Pushing People to Click on Your Video

So instead of thinking about it in terms of how to get them to click on your YouTube link, you can ask them to do something much more valuable. Have them reply to you, book a call, or something similar and connect with you on a different channel.

Let your YouTube channel exist and have as many people watch it and download it as the Google algorithm works on its own.

The hidden benefit of creating videos is to start seeing video as a means to have your content out on different platforms. Once you realize this, the whole world opens up, basically. So what my friend eventually realized is that thanks to her video, she now has a ton of text she can take to LinkedIn or content to turn into a Twitter thread and social media quotes.

I call this the hidden benefit of creating videos because it’s not so obvious. However, they often lead to beneficial long-term effects.

Need Help With Your Video Strategy?

If you decide to do 25 videos in a couple of weeks, you will forget everything you have said. Then one day you might see a quote on your Instagram feed that sounds familiar and it is familiar because you said it when we recorded your videos.

This has actually happened to clients of ours in the past. We will take your expert videos and repurpose the content across multiple platforms to amplify your message and marketing strategy.

So I challenge you to think about video differently and it might actually take the pressure off. If the video is no longer about being Hollywood glamorous, then you’re left with more possibility. I hope this is helpful. I’d love to talk strategy with you. Head over to our contact page to book a discovery call. I’d love to chat more about how we can explore the idea of working together.

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