How to Tell Better Stories in Your Content Marketing

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At Amplified NOW, we love creating a content marketing strategy and using a video-first approach to marketing. Storytelling is a big part of what we do. And figuring out how to tell better stories in your content marketing goes a really long way toward creating content that resonates.

When it comes to content marketing, we love a good story. If you study or read anything about marketing, you’re going to hear that storytelling is important. Learning to tell better stories is a way to connect with your audience and offer them an insight into how you got where you are.

However, I don’t think telling YOUR story should always be the tactic you use. 

You Don’t Have To Tell Your Story to Tell Better Stories in Your Content Marketing

I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago with someone who said that they didn’t feel like they could create a connection with potential clients because they didn’t like telling their story. This person is an expert and gets hired because they know their topic.

I mentioned to this person that I didn’t think they needed to spend so much time and energy worrying about finding a connection through telling their story. Yes, stories are really important. But, when you’re an expert in your field, your story is not the most important thing you have to offer. 

You can tell the story of your business without having to reveal personal or vulnerable details of your life. You’re not being hired for your backstory. You’re getting hired because you are good at what you do, and you have tools that can help other people.

We have gotten used to the hero’s quest stories, and we think we need to tell people a story where we are the hero. The problem is that’s not helpful or particularly inspiring. People aren’t coming to you to hear about how wonderful you are or about how you changed your life. 

Tell Better Stories in Your Content Marketing

A better way to connect with your audience is to tell the same life-changing story, but about people who have come to your for help or changed their lives for the better through your products or services. 

This way, when you’re telling the story, your role is as the advisor or the catalyst for someone’s transformation. That is the story we care about. That is the story we can see ourselves in. 

If your approach to your topic came from an interesting place, and you have helped others by sharing that story then, by all means, keep telling it. It could be helpful to create an “About” page that shares information about who you are and what you do. But, your story doesn’t have to be in every piece of content you create.  You are at your most powerful when you talk about someone else’s story and highlight their transformation. 

Here is an example of how this can look. You begin by talking about a person who came to you for advice, a consultation, or whatever it is that you provide. You talk about their problems and paint a very detailed picture of why this person sought out your help. Then, you can share how after they met you and followed your process or system, they were able to overcome the obstacle they had been facing. 

You don’t have to share every detail or the exact plan they followed to reach their transformation. It’s enough that your potential clients know that it’s your system or process that got them there. 

Your client’s success story is the truly inspiring content that people are seeking. That is the story that will convince them that you can change their life too.

If you need a little bit of inspiration, I encourage you to look at what Dave Ramsey is doing. Dave Ramsey’s entire financial philosophy could fit on an index card, but that doesn’t stop him from having a radio show, tons of content, and a devoted following.

An Approach That Converts

The real conversion process happens when someone is living a similar story, and see themselves in the client story you are sharing. When they see that, bit by bit by bit, they will come to you.  One of the extraordinary things about telling better stories in your content marketing is that they will come to you about 75% sold on your solution and on working with you. 

Why not try that approach to storytelling? Why not allow your expertise to shine through? 

Telling people to trust you because you’re an expert will only get you so far. But, if you tell a story about a time where your expertise helped somebody else get farther along in their lives than then they could get on their own, that’s the kind of content that will build trust with your future clients. 

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