Why We Always Start Every Idea With a Sales Page

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The difference between content marketing and digital marketing is kind of a fuzzy line at best. When we talk about digital marketing, it’s usually referring to a sales funnel, landing page, or free offer that you give out in exchange for an email address.

At AmplifiedNOW, we always start every project, both internal and for clients, with a sales page. I have found from one of my clients, John Lincoln, who is a StrengthsFinder expert, that since my number one strength is ‘strategic’ I always start with a sales page.

Why You Should Start With a Sales Page

While most people might end their sales process with a sales page, I believe it’s better to start with one so you can understand what your offer needs to include.

Emma and I are putting together a no-brainer offer. It’s a $39 Copy Block System. We started with a brainstorming session. Then, immediately before we created anything, I started the sales page. Why?

What you get from a brainstorming session is great – it’s the raw gold. Then when you start building that sales page, you can polish it up before you even create it. So instead of having to create something and then edit it to match the sales page, you create the sales page first, and you list out everything that’s included.

If we pull it out together this way. It actually makes more sense because you’re not having to rearrange the actual product or offer itself. You can take the template that you see on the sales page and you make the offer match that. I’m telling you, it is such a faster shortcut to the content creation process.

Make Sure Your Sales Page and Offer Are Connected

Once you write a sales page, you can see exactly what people should get. One of the biggest things I see that’s a problem is when there’s that disconnect between your sales page and what you’re offering. Sometimes you think you have to use a totally different part of your brain to write out that sales page than you do to create the offer itself. There’s a natural disconnect unless you go through and edit the content.

Another reason we start with the sales page is that we’re in marketing. And marketing and sales are very similar. While we don’t have a problem with promotion, a lot of creators that we work with hate promotion. It’s hard to promote your own thing without it sounding like: ‘I need this, please buy it’. You can’t always distance yourself from it.

Start with the sales page the next time you have an idea. Map out the sales page for how that’s going to look. Speaking of doing this, we have a no-brainer offer. It’s a $39 offer that maps out your content blocks on a sales page so that you can pull that information together and have a sales page drafted out in no time.

The Benefit of Getting Your Sales Page Out of the Way Early

I always do all of my sales page writing straight on a website, so that I’m designing as I go and am able to pull together really good things. Then when it’s done, we just publish it. We don’t ever put it live until the whole sales funnel is all put together, but we do have the sales page done.

Sometimes I find that when someone has hired me to write them a sales page, they have fiddled around with it so long that they don’t even want to talk to me about it. So I have to pull it out of them and ask them important things about their offer.

The Copy Blocks System really helps with that. Click here to learn more and check it out.

It might actually help you get out of your own way. And it might help you create your next offer in a fraction of the time. Because if you’re anything like the people that we talk to on a regular basis, once you’re finished with the product creation process, you can thank your past self for doing some of the marketing ahead of time.

Then the remaining marketing and promotion tasks become more easily digestible. Our Copy Blocks System is absolutely worth the $39. I think it’ll help you get your next sales page written. But again, I’m biased 🙂

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