Why We’re Not Doubling Down on Social Media

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Emma, the co-founder and COO of Amplified NOW, came to me a couple of weeks ago and told me that she thought we might need to outsource our social media posting. She said that she just doesn’t like doing it and that it is a drain on her energy.  

I was open to this idea, but I had a crazy thought. What if we don’t?  

Don’t Let Social Media Drain You

What if, instead of spending the money on outsourcing our social media, we took that same amount and invested it into relationships. What if instead of creating new content every day and posting it across all the platforms multiple times a day, we did what we do for our clients? What if we take the content we already have and re-purpose it in a bunch of different ways so that we can use it all over social media? What if we leveraged what we do for our clients and nothing else? As we discussed this we both were relieved!         

It would have been easy to decide to outsource our social media because that’s what we’ve been told to do to create a successful business. Or we could have just soldiered on, having Emma post, even though she doesn’t like doing it. Either way, we would have missed out on the opportunity to try a different way that feels best for us and what we want. We are staying true to who we are as a company. We are doing what we do best and trusting that it will give us the results we want. 

Your Business, Your Rules!   

I think it’s important to acknowledge that we have this opportunity, as business owners, to make our own way. We can make it up as we go. Who says we have to spend money on outsourcing our social media?

It’s your business, you get to make the rules!

Of course, there are going to be things that we choose to do, even if we don’t like them, because we believe they will make an impact on our business or for our clients. However, if you are doing something in your business that is draining you or giving you the “Sunday Scaries” you need to step back and ask yourself, “What is it that I really want?”

If you find yourself with constant feelings of dread, check-in with yourself and see if you are listening to someone else who is telling you that you need to do something in your business that doesn’t feel right. You need to know there is another way. 

As my mom used to say, “There’s a bunch of different ways to skin a cat.” There’s not just one right way or formula for building a successful business. We often feel like we need to have huge “influencer level” numbers to make an impact, but that’s not true. Usually, a small handful of loyal and satisfied customers is all any of us need. 

Say it with me again, “I get to make the rules!” 

You know what’s best for your business. You can feel when something is the right fit for you and when you’re forcing something that isn’t. Lean into those instincts and trust your gut!

Amplified NOW Can Help You Find Your Path

At Amplified NOW, we support speakers and influencers who have a message to share but are feeling stuck when it comes to getting it out into the world. We believe that you don’t need to work harder or do things like someone else to succeed.

We love working with clients who need help mapping out their strategy and sharing their message in a way that is both effective and authentic to who they are. We’re not here to give you a list of rules to follow, instead, we help our clients find their unique path for sharing and re-purposing their message.

If you’d like to find out more, click here to schedule a call with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Why we're not doubling down on social media
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