At What Point Should You Give Up Doing Live Video?

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Earlier this week I received another great question from a client. He was telling me how he’s been doing live videos every week like clockwork and sending emails to his list.

While everyone on his social media platform is notified when he goes live, he’s still talking to crickets. The most people he’s ever gotten on his live video is 6 maybe 8.

After explaining his situation, my client then went on to ask me, ‘At what point do we give up on live videos?’

I thought that was such a good question because this client in particular is someone who could hit record and create 20 to 30 videos on a given a topic in probably 3 hours. So why should that client go through the effort to put on a suit and notify people via email each time he’s going to go live? Especially when no one shows up and he’s not even repurposing these live videos.

So, my question for you is this.

What Are You Doing With Your Live Videos?

What is the point of your live videos? If the point of your live videos is to connect with your audience and interact with them in real time, that’s great. However, if you’re not getting any results, I would say to stop doing live videos altogether.

Now, I didn’t say stop doing videos altogether. I said, stop doing live videos altogether because even the videos I create are recorded in a studio. Even though it may show up as a live Facebook or IGTV video, I’m not near a computer. I am talking into a camcorder and a microphone.

The videos we help clients record go so many different places. You can repurpose live videos but sometimes you may not want to. Maybe it’s because you end up with these personable interactions with viewers or you’ll have questions that come up and lead you off-topic. Or like my first live videos, maybe your hair is wet or your quality is bad. I’m sure you don’t want any of that stuff repurposed.

Doing Live Videos Can Still Serve a Specific Purpose

Live videos can be really good for certain things. I still go live once a week in my Facebook group. But it is not the end all be all of my content strategy. In fact, those videos are a more intimate way for me to connect with the people in my Facebook group.

If you’d like to join my Facebook group and learn more about content marketing, just click here. We go live on Thursdays and we talk about something specific in regards to marketing. It’s really fun but I realize those videos are not for repurposing. The videos simply live in the group and help people with a specific problem or topic. On the flip side, our marketing videos are the ones that get repurposed and promoted heavily across multiple platforms.

Switch Things Up

When you’re not getting any traction by doing live videos, be sure to switch it up. Create something that you can put on your blog, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Get the video transcribed and put that long-form content on LinkedIn and short form on Twitter. Impactful quotes can also be gathered from your video to use on Instagram. All of this content can come from one pre-recorded video.

You can do all kinds of things with a video, but it gives a little more professionalism if you don’t do it live. That’s my two cents. If live is working for you, feel free to disregard some of this. However, if you’re not getting anything from it, be sure to switch it up.

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