We help companies with a purpose

Let us help you figure out your marketing so you can spend more time making the world a better place. 


How we help

Whether you need help with marketing strategy, content strategy, opt-in creation, or emails, we can help you.

Authority Content Accelerator

Get our help implementing a strategic approach to content that will amplify your efforts.

Content with a Purpose

A go-at-your-own pace course that will show you exactly how to turn one 5-10 minute video into six months of content across all your channels.

Strategy Session

Spend an hour with our expert analysis and find out what's working, what's not, and what you need to do next in order to make the biggest impact.

"We loved it! Thank you!"

"Kathleen, thank you again for the session. It really got our brain juices flowing. We loved it!"

-V, strategy session client

Opt-in creation

We'll create a quiz/webinar/PDF opt-in, plus add it as a section on your home page, plus write 5-7 emails connecting your audience from your opt-in to your paid offer.

Email nurture sequence

If you already have the opt-in, or you need a welcome sequence that focuses on your clients, we'll write and design you 5-8 emails that help connect them from your freebie to your paid offer.

Strategic emails

If you need a bit of assistance regularly communicating with your list, let us help. We'll write and design an email you can send. Optionally, we'll schedule and send it for you.

We're on your team.

Our clients come to us because they know we have their best interests at heart. Our goal is to help companies with a purpose create content with a purpose. Let us help you.

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