3 Positive Things That Have Come Out of the Pandemic and Quarantine

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Let me just say that the pandemic and quarantine have been hard on everyone. It’s been a lot on all of us – especially if you’ve lost someone close to you. Like everything in life, there are two sides. So if you’re looking for better news and some positive reflection as we all try to move forward, you’re in the right place.

In this post, I wanted to touch on 3 key things that have been positive for me and my business since the pandemic started. Running a business during quarantine hasn’t been a walk in the park, but there have been some positive notes in there for sure.

Everyone Should Know How to Use Zoom By Now

If you’ve been running a business during quarantine, you and everyone else you know should be Zoom experts by now. I do find some relief in knowing that I’ll likely never have to tell anyone how to use Zoom again for as long as I live.

For that, I am super grateful. Since everyone has been using Zoom, the company has improved their user experience. They’ve done a really good job managing the (likely) millions of new users that have signed up as a result of everyone social distancing and working from home.

It’s been actually pretty good. The more efficient system is saving a lot of time for frequent Zoom users. I always had to factor in 5 minutes for connectivity issues before, and now everyone is up to speed when the call starts.

I Don’t Pretend Like I Don’t Work From Home

Overall, I feel like working from home has become much more acceptable and people are more willing to accommodate your needs for flexibility. Since a lot more people are working from home right now and trying to adjust, others are being more understanding of the new circumstances.

This is good news for anyone who’s been running a business during quarantine. Even if you’ve been working from home, you don’t have to try to hide it anymore to fit in with the ‘norm’.

I don’t have to pretend like I don’t have small children around when I’m working on my business or communicating with clients. This is a huge weight off my shoulders. I have two very small people who live in my house and since the pandemic started, they – none of us have left very much.

In the past before almost everyone was working from home, I would try to put the mute button on my children and dog. I don’t have to do any of that anymore because I no longer feel like the only person who’s working from home. I am no longer the only one who has kids around. To say that it takes a weight off my shoulders is such a vast understatement.

What it really does is give me my dual role as CEO and mom some weight. I still don’t like it when my kids come in my office when I’m on a call, but I don’t panic about it anymore. They say hello, they leave, and we move on because it’s happening to other people.

So it seems as if the pandemic has given people some empathy toward other working parents. It might not have been lacking before all along, but the perception that it was lacking was keeping me from doing a lot of things.

Running a Business During Quarantine Validates Being Able to Make Money Remotely

This situation we all find ourselves in (where we’re working from home and maybe have more time to pursue passion projects) has inspired so many people to look at the Internet as a viable means to making money.

Now, we’re still in the early stages of making money from the internet. I know plenty of people who have figured out ways to turn the internet into an ATM for them. But for people who were laid off from service jobs or office jobs, all of a sudden the internet is a viable option for them to make money.

People are doing well with virtual assistant services and remote personal assisting. This is really encouraging to me because the internet as a way of making money and running a business during quarantine has only made me appreciate my online business more.

Part of what I do each day is help people figure out how they can take the ideas that are in their brain and turn them into an offer that converts so they too can start making money from the internet.

For me it doesn’t it feels like business as usual. But for the first time, you sort of feel like you’ve made money from nothing. What we do at AmplifiedNOW is we typically work with established entrepreneurs. However, I do love working with the people who were are just entering this world of making money online and have a lot of expertise around their subject.

I’d love to help you through that. I do have a coaching package where we meet every other week and break down what’s going on in your head about your next offer. We build a marketing engine around it and then we experiment. It is so much fun. It’s a lot of pulling up your sleeves work so if you’d like to discuss this further, just head here to book a free discovery call with me. I’d love to chat about how I can help you.

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