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The Revenue Roadmap is a 90-day mastermind + 2:1 coaching. → Learn more

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Set your goal. Meet with a group of like-minded business owners relentlessly focusing on a goal. Get 2:1 coaching when you need it. We start May 4.

The Revenue Roadmap is a steal for what you get. Six mastermind calls PLUS three 2:1 coaching calls to help you if you get stuck. Get it all for three monthly payments of $488.

  • Set an intention. You'd be surprised at everything you can accomplish in 90 days. Will you add a new revenue stream? Will you figure out how to be more visible on social media? Will you map out a new offer? Build a quiz?
  • Surround yourself with other goal-oriented people who are determined to accomplish big things.
  • Get energized. Set aside some time to work ON your business instead of simply working in react mode.
  • Get three coaching sessions with Emma, Kathleen, or both.

According to this post by Brian Tracy, mastermind groups help get results and help people succeed.

We've seen that in our business, and we want to help you implement it in yours.

Here's what you'll get:

Biweekly mastermind calls (60 minutes)

We'll meet every other week at 11AM PST /2PM EST

  • May 4
  • May 18
  • June 1
  • June 15
  • June 29
  • July 13
people getting excited about taking a quiz
<em>with</em> Kathleen Celmins and Emma Bates

3 individual coaching sessions (30 minutes)

To help you when you get stuck.

Access to the vault

Get a jumpstart on whatever it is you're creating. With 75+ templates (and counting!), chances are good that you'll find what you need.

The vault featured image

What people say about the amplifiedNOW template vault

"I was shocked at the pure volume of resources in the Vault! Everything I needed to get my business up and running.
No matter what topic you need help with as an entrepreneur, chances are pretty good there's a template, checklist, or cheat sheet in the Vault right now that covers it."


Project Manager

"The vault and the playbooks are GOLD. They're worth so much more than you're charging."


Online Entrepreneur

"When we decided to start our own social media agency, using The Vault gave us all the tools we needed to start quickly and efficiently - without reinventing the wheel. If you're having trouble figuring out where to focus or where to start, start in The Vault! What feels like endless valuable content is tidily organized and optimized to help improve your business processes and give yourself the greatest gift of all - more time for you."


Social Media Manager

"I've worked with both of these brilliant minds and they are expert marketers. If you're looking for marketing support or you're trying to figure out how to structure your first offer, these two are a godsend."



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