Renting Out Assets You Already Own Like Cars And Property

Renting Out Assets You Already Own Like Cars And Property

Ever looked around and thought, “Hey, I bet I could make a buck or two off these things just sitting around?” Well, you ain’t alone, cowboy!

More and more folks are realizing the goldmine they’re sitting on – literally.

Let’s Talk Assets

Now, we ain’t talking your Grandpa’s coin collection or your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

We’re talking seriously significant assets like cars and properties you already own.

The Automotive Cash Cow

Remember that sweet ride collecting dust in your garage?

There’s someone out there willing to cough up some serious greenbacks to borrow it for a few hours or days.

Yes sir, car rental platforms like Turo and GetAround make it super easy to rent your automobile to trustworthy folks.

The Property Goldmine

Got a beach house? A cabin in the woods? Or a swanky apartment in the bustling city?

There’s always someone looking for that perfect staycay or holiday getaway.

And buddy, let me tell you something – they’re willing to shell out a ton of bread to get their slice of paradise.

Hosting platforms like Airbnb and are built just for this.

Pesky Little Side Gigs

Now, let’s say you’re not so keen on parting with your wheels and you like your privacy a bit too much.

You’d rather keep your castle closed to wandering folk. Totally get ya, partner.

There’s still a way to rent out some stuff on the down-low.

You got power tools? A ladder maybe? Lawnmower?

Well, slick, there are platforms like PeerRenters that let you rent out these goods, too.

Consider It A Side Hustle

The thing about renting out assets is, it’s a pretty flexible gig.

You decide when, to whom, for how long and for how much.

So get on out there, and make that buck or two… Or a thousand. No one’s judging!

Are you staring at a pile of unused stuff collecting dust in a corner of your house? Guess what? You could be sitting on a gold mine. Renting out your assets is an easy and effective way to generate passive income. And we’re not talking about trivial belongings like clothes or knick-knacks.

Rent Out Your Vehicle

Do you have a car that’s not in use most of the time? Perhaps extra vehicles you rarely drive? Platforms like Turo or GetAround make it easy for you to rent out your vehicle to people who need it for a few hours or a few days. You’ll earn money, and your car will actually get some use rather than sitting in the garage.

Make Money From Your Property

If you have a property that is not in use – perhaps a vacation home or a second house, you can make it work for you. List it on platforms like Airbnb,, and earn money by renting it out to holiday-goers or people looking for short-term accommodation. Whether it’s a rustic cabin, a beach bungalow, or an apartment in the city, there’s potential for earning.

Rent Out Your Tools and Gadgets

Not keen on renting out something as personal as your home or car? No problem. You can start smaller by renting out stuff like tools, lawnmowers, or even kitchen appliances. is a platform where you can easily list items you’re willing to rent out. It’s a perfect way to monetize items that still hold value but are rarely used.

It’s Your Side Hustle

Renting out your assets can be a viable side income source. The best part? You control all the aspects. You decide what to rent out, the cost, to whom and for how long. It’s a great way to monetize what you already have with little to no effort. So, why wait? Start exploring these opportunities!

Rent Out Your Designer Clothing

If you have designer clothes or accessories which are just collecting dust in your closet, why not rent them out? Platforms like Rent The Runway or Style Lend allow you to list your upscale fashion items for other fashionistas to rent. This is a great way to turn your expensive fashion costumes into a lucrative income source.

Rent Out Your Space

Not just your property, but even your underutilized parking space, garden, or even your kitchen could be rented out for different purposes. Websites like JustPark can help you rent out your parking space. Vrumi and ThisOpenSpace let you rent out meeting spaces, photo shoot locations, and more.

Rent Out Your Tech Gadgets

Have some expensive tech gadgets lying around unused? You might want to consider renting them out too. Drones, cameras, and other tech gadgets are often in high demand for events, projects or occasional use. Websites like Fat Llama enable you to list your tech items for renting.


There are countless ways to generate income by renting out your assets. The best part about this side hustle is you are utilizing what you already have, and it’s flexible to your own schedule and parameters. Get started today, you might just discover a lucrative passive income stream waiting to be tapped into!

Rent Out Your Boat or RV

If you have a boat or an RV that you aren’t using all the time, consider renting it out! Websites such as Outdoorsy or Boatsetter make it easy to list your boat or RV for rent, providing insurance and roadside assistance for peace of mind. This can be a great way to offset the cost of ownership and maintenance.

Rent Out Your Tools

If you have a collection of tools that you don’t use very often, they could be earning you income instead of gathering dust. Apps like PeerRenters or Loanables allow you to rent out your tools to others in your local area. This way, you’re not only making money but also helping out someone who might need that one tool for a specific project.

Rent Out Your Musical Instruments

Maybe you have a piano collecting dust or a guitar that’s been sitting in its case unused. Sites like Sparkplug or Fretish can help you list your musical instruments for others to rent. This is a great opportunity if you have expensive or rare instruments that musicians may need for a specific gig or recording session.

Rent Out Your Videos Games

If you’re a gamer with a collection of video games, let them work for you by renting out your games. Websites like Gamefly let you rent out video games to other gamers. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash while helping other gamers play games they might not be able to afford.

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