How this startup is helping yoga teachers build their web presence in one hour

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video-first content agency that helps people get out of their own way when it comes to content marketing. 
She sat down with Puja Shah, co-founder of, to talk about they are doing marketing differently.

Yoga As A Lifestyle

Puja says that yoga has always been a part of her life. She was born and raised in India, and it was part of her everyday world. She grew up in a very spiritual family that valued the compassion that yoga teaches. 

In fact, yoga was even a subject for her in school. She loved escaping lectures and class and learning to twist her body in new ways. As she grew up, she realized it was about so much more than that. 

However, when it came to practicing yoga online, Puja was skeptical that it could be as enriching as practicing in person. But, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there weren’t any other options. 

During the pandemic, yoga helped her, her husband, and her family in India stay connected and sane. Her outlook on the benefits of online yoga changed and she became passionate about helping instructors tap into the benefits of an online or hybrid yoga class.

Starting was Puja’s way of making yoga more accessible, in the hopes that it will help others the way it has her. is a hassle-free and simple tool for yoga teachers, wellness studios, and yoga schools to provide online services to their members anytime, anywhere, on any device and spread the light of yoga around the world. 

When they started building this platform, they had heard tons of different stories and problems about dealing with different technologies and non-tech savvy users struggling to put different pieces of technology together and make it work. 

So, they thought of building something straightforward and super easy. 

Today, yoga teachers that are using the platform can create their own branded websites with payment gateways, Zoom, and everything integrated in less than one hour.

Puja says this has all been possible because of the continuous user feedback that they get from their customers. They have been the ones suggesting features to add to the platform that will be most helpful to them. 

Because of this, they’ve been able to help instructors build their businesses and make yoga a lifestyle for people around the world.

Who Is For?

When it comes to their services, they have found that independent yoga teachers struggle the most when it comes to building a website.  They don’t necessarily have access to web designers or system integrators who understand all the fundamental pieces you need to run a successful online business. 

Not to mention that technology these days is constantly changing and evolving. Even if you put all your hard-earned money into building a website, things change so fast, and new technology needs to be integrated. So before you know it, that website is outdated.

Sometimes you need to add a different payment gateway to accommodate the way more students want to pay. And nowadays, you need to integrate Zoom into the entire workflow because, more often than not, during the Coronavirus Pandemic it has been the online yoga studio for everyone. It can be confusing and overwhelming.

That’s where comes in.

Their main goal is to help instructors find more students and get more classes on the books. In addition, They strive to make it as affordable and accessible as possible for instructors to set up both online and in-studio classes. They also offer an option where an instructor can teach a hybrid model so that those who cannot join in the studio practice can still participate from their home.

Social Marketing Tactics

Currently, is doing their marketing primarily on social media.

They also work with affiliate partners and influencers who have their own network and community of people who are practicing yoga.

In addition, they love working with young and budding yoga teachers or those in training. The platform allows them to focus all of their energy on their craft and plan their classes without worrying about the tech.

Their goal is to free up time for those new teachers and let them focus on what they need to do to grow their careers without worrying about working with developers and designers to create the functional technology they need. 

In the coming months, they plan to expand their marketing to reach even more people, bringing the benefits of yoga to more students.

Learn More!

If you are interested in learning more about and its programs and resources, you can find them on their website and Instagram.

Doing Marketing Differently

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How this startup is helping yoga teachers build their web presence in one hour
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