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Pre-Selling Your Online Course Through Launch Funnels

Pre-Selling Your Online Course Through Launch Funnels

Introduction: The Pre-Selling Power Move

Welcome, fam! You’re here because you’ve got a killer online course idea, and you’re ready to knock it outta the park. That’s cool. But what’s even cooler is pre-selling your online course before it’s even created. 🚀

Hang on, hang on… pre-selling? Yep, you heard us! You’re about to ride the wave of your life, and we’re going to show you how. Takes notes, folks!

Why You Should Pre-Sell

Firstly, why even pre-sell? How does that help? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Pre-selling is like your baseball coach doing a victory dance before the final pitch. It’s a bit risky, sure, but it also builds a ton of hype around your online course.

  • Test Water: You can gauge the interest in your course, without spending a dime on production costs.
  • Create Buzz: Generate early buzz and excitement. Nothing fuels sign-ups like good ole FOMO (fear of missing out), right?
  • Get Feedback: Early bird customers can provide valuable feedback, helping you tailor your course to meet their needs better.
  • Fund Development: Use the revenue from pre-sales to fund the creation and marketing of your course. Smart, huh?

The Magic of Launch Funnels

So how do we pre-sell? With launch funnels, of course!

A launch funnel is a strategically “dressed-up” marketing process to build demand and sell your online course. Think of it like a red carpet event for your course. Fancy, ain’t it?

Steps for Pre-Selling Through Launch Funnels

Step 1: The Teaser 🥁

Start by dropping hints and teasers about your course. Think of it as sprinkling little bread crumbs for your eager learners-to-be, enticing them to follow the trail.

Use your blog, newsletter, social media… whatever works best for your crowd.

Step 2: The Lead Magnet 🧲

Next, offer an irresistible piece of free content (a.k.a a lead magnet). This could be an eBook, a checklist, or a mini-course – anything that’ll make ‘em crave more!

Your goal here? Grab an email address. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Step 3: Email Nurture Sequence 💌

Now that you’ve got those email addresses, it’s time to nurture your leads with a well-crafted email sequence.

Provide value, share testimonials, and drop hints about the awesome stuff coming in your course.

Step 4: The Pre-Sell Pitch ⚾

Finally, the fastpitch! This is your chance to sell a ‘limited number’ of spots for your course at a ‘special’ price.

Remember, scarcity induces action. So, play that card wisely!

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

There you have it… pre-selling your online course through launch funnels. Like I said, it’s a killer strategy!

So, go on, get out there and slay! And remember, ain’t no mountain high enough when you’re packing the right tools. You got this! 👊

Researching out more? Check these articles here and here for deep dives on launching your online course.

Additional Notes and Reminders

While following these steps, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Quality Matters

Whether it’s the teaser, the lead magnet, or the emails, always focus on high-quality content. It not only builds trust but also convinces your potential students that your course is going to be well worth their time and money.

Patience & Persistence

Don’t expect immediate results. Building anticipation, attracting a potential audience, and getting them excited enough to pay for your course requires time and effort. Be patient and keep at it.

Be Genuine

Don’t try to oversell your course or make false promises. Be honest about what students can expect from your course. This honesty will go a long way in establishing credibility and attracting the right students.

Feedback & Adapt

Throughout the process, keep gathering feedback from your audience. Use this feedback to adapt and improve your marketing strategy, if needed.

Launching a course can be daunting, but with a clear strategy and the right tools, you’re sure to make a big splash in the world of online learning! Best of luck! 🥳

Successful Course Launches: Some Inspiration

If you need some inspiration, here are some success stories that prove launching an online course can yield amazing results.

Amy Porterfield’s Course

Amy Porterfield, a former marketing team member for Tony Robbins, used the marketing skills she learned over the years to create and promote her own course. She focused on providing value to her audience and launched her course with success, earning six figures from it.

Pat Flynn’s Course

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income launched his first course after almost a decade of blogging about online business and marketing. By the time he eventually launched, he’d built up a massive and engaged audience that eagerly bought his course, generating over $100,000 in the first week alone.

These success stories show that launching an online course can, in fact, be a lucrative and rewarding venture. So take courage from these achievements and launch your course confidently!

Remember, good course content is the key, but a good launch strategy is equally crucial. Happy course launching!

Steps To Launch Your Online Course Successfully

Without a doubt, launching a successful online course needs comprehensive strategic planning and execution. While good content is paramount, how you unveil your course is equally significant. So to help you out, here’s a simple step-by-step guide on creating a prosperous online course launch.

Identify Your Target Audience

The first and perhaps one of the most critical steps towards a successful course launch is identifying your target audience. Understanding who your course is for allows you to tailor your marketing efforts towards your prospective learners’ specific needs, interests, and concerns.

Create a Detailed Launch Plan

A detailed launch plan is an essential aid in ensuring every element of your course launch aligns perfectly. This should include specifics about your course content, pricing, and marketing strategies, including things like email campaigns, PR efforts, blog posts, etc.

Put Together an Engaging Pre-Launch

Before the actual launch, a pre-launch teaser campaign raising awareness about your course is essential. This could involve sneak peeks of your course, blog posts around your course topic, or even an email series highlighting some benefits of your course.

Ensure Easy Course Access

Your marketing efforts will be a waste if your prospective students find the course enrollment process complicated. Make sure that your course is easy to find on your website and that the sign-up process is quick and effortless.

Launch Your Course

Now it’s time to launch! Send an email to your subscribers, post on your social media channels, and do whatever else you’ve planned in your marketing strategy to announce that your course is live.

Continue Marketing Post Launch

Your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop once your course goes live. Continue to present your course benefits, share testimonials, and remind people that your wonderful course is available for them.

Regularly Update Your Course

Make sure to keep your course up-to-date and relevant. Regular updates will not only keep current students engaged but will also appeal to new ones.

Collect Feedback

Once your students are enrolled and have consumed some of your content, it’s time to gather feedback. Use this feedback to improve your course, making it an even better learning resource.

Inspiring Course Launch Success Stories

Need inspiration? Let’s check out some proven success stories of launching an online course.

Amy Porterfield’s Course

Veteran marketer Amy Porterfield, former Tony Robbins’ team member, successfully used the marketing skills she learned over the years to create and promote her course. By providing valuable content, she managed a six-figure earning from her course launch.

Pat Flynn’s Course

Pat Flynn, the mind behind Smart Passive Income, launched his initial course after almost a decade of blogging about online business and marketing strategies. By the time of his course launch, his massive and engaged audience eagerly bought into his course. The course generated over $100,000 in the first week.

These course launch success stories essentially prove that your productive efforts can turn into an extremely lucrative venture. Remember, valuable course content is the core but coupling it with a strong launch strategy is the winning formula.

Good luck with your course launching adventure!

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