What Works in Video: The Power of Video for Authors with Dr. Megan Fisk

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Dr. Megan Fisk is a communications expert who helps soul-led entrepreneurs and leaders overcome their fear of public speaking, and get their message out into the world. With a Ph.D. in communications, she uses her 10 years of experience as a college professor and her intuition to demystify the speech crafting process so her clients can build confidence and motivate people with their message.

She sat down with Kathleen Celmins, CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video and content marketing agency, to talk about overcoming “imposter syndrome” when sharing your message on video.

After finishing her Ph.D., Dr. Fisk knew she wanted to work with entrepreneurs but she wasn’t sure exactly how. While watching some online courses during an entrepreneurship class, she noticed how many of the presenters could use help with their public speaking and presenting. She has found that there are so many mindset issues that come up when you get in front of the camera, not to mention figuring out what you’re going to say and how you’re going to structure it. 

Because of her love of public speaking, Dr. Fisk felt she was just the person to help individuals who are interested in getting more comfortable in front of the camera or a live audience.  She believes that video is the fastest way to build a connection with your audience. You will convert more people and create more trust on video than you can any other way. 

According to Dr. Fisk, the biggest mindset issue people encounter is not believing that they have anything new or interesting to say. They worry that they are not unique or special and these thoughts make public speaking very difficult.

She believes that because we are all different, no one can say what we have to say in exactly the same way we will say it. 

Regardless of your message, YOU are your unique selling point. 

Kathleen calls this feeling of inadequacy “imposter syndrome.” This usually sounds like, “Who am I to give this advice,” or “Who am I to say I’m an expert on this topic.” Both Dr. Fisk and Kathleen have encountered this feeling in their personal and professional lives. 

Here are their top tips for overcoming “Imposter Syndrome” while harnessing the power of video: 

  • Ask yourself, “What’s one truth that needs to be expressed?” Once you come up with your answer, take ownership of it and get your message out into the world through video.
  • Look at people you admire and reverse engineer how they achieved success. It’s easy to think our heroes are somehow more talented or special, but really, they are human just like you. You can reach your goals too, as you work hard and stay true to your message.
  • DON’T fake it until you make it. So often we are told to just pretend that we are comfortable with something until we become comfortable, but the risk is that you’ll end up becoming something you were never supposed to be. Trust your gut and live authentically and you’ll become exactly who you are meant to be.
  • Look for the gaps. Rather than comparing yourself to other creators, look for the gaps in the content that is being created that only you can fill. Use your unique skill set to create content that fills these gaps and showcases your message.
  • Own who you are. After getting her Ph.D., Dr. Fisk wasn’t even sure she wanted to use it. But, after two different coaches convinced her that her academic background was a unique selling point and part of who she was, she found the courage to own it. Now she is proud to go by Dr. Fisk and use what she’s learned to help others create success.  

If you want to learn more about  Dr. Megan Fisk and her work you can find her here. Her signature program is called Soul Speakers Academy, a three-month coaching program where you will build out five speeches that you can use time and time again. If this sounds like something you would benefit from, be sure to check it out on her website, along with her other programs and resources.

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The Power of Video for Authors
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