Should You Start a Podcast or Do Videos?

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When it comes to marketing your content, should you start a podcast or do videos? Podcasts are all the craze and can be a solid way to build your credibility as an expert.

As you already know, video marketing can be extremely effective as well. So which one do you choose? Should you start a podcast or do videos? And can you do both?

Be Honest About What You Really Want

A client recently brought up this question during a discovery call and my first response was pretty logical. I asked what they were more interested in doing and what the big picture was.

If you are your entire marketing department, ask yourself if you are truly interested in podcasting and have the capacity to keep it going.

Podcasts can be really fun if you want to do them and know the format you’re going to follow. They’re excellent, but they’re slow. It’s a lot of work which can be a challenge if you don’t have much of a team right now.

Video Offers a Quicker ROI

If you’re looking for something that gives you ROI, you want something like video. With video content you can talk about subjects you have an expertise in, then turn it into a blog post. From there you can focus on driving traffic to that blog post then sharing it on social media which will get you social and referral traffic.

Overall, you’ll likely see a bigger impact than you would with a podcast. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast for your business, you need to think about whether you’re willing to put in the work for 6 months without seeing more than a few downloads per show.

If no, that’s okay. With videos, you still have to put in work and improve with time. Still, as you get better at the videos, you will start to see a big impact.

Consider What Leads People to Your Website

If you’re wondering should you start a podcast or do videos, at the end of the day realize that there’s nothing wrong with starting a podcast. I know that lots of people do want to start podcasts and podcasts are a really great way to add another channel of communication with your audience.

But if you are measuring ROI, views and metrics that are part of your website, you need to consider that a podcast runs parallel. It doesn’t necessarily bring more people to your website.

If your goal is to get people to your website to download a freebie, book a call, or check out your services page, it’s going to be a slower ramp up when you think about podcasting.

If you do videos, you put them right on your site. Now you of course can create show notes and add your podcast to your site and do all those things. However, you’re not going to get somebody driving in their car to head over to your website and opt in to receive your offer.

It’s very likely that your website, email, and your podcast audiences are going to have some overlap, but don’t expect a full overlap.

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So Let’s Recap

If you are passionate about starting a podcast, you should have a really good idea and know where you’re headed with that kind of content.

If you’re okay with slow growth, start a podcast. They’re so much fun! But if you’re doing this because it’s your job to do marketing for your company and the higher-ups need to see that you’re putting in your time and your energy and your effort, consider video.

The more visible you are, the more you’re going to show up and be in front of your target audience telling them about the problems that your company can solve.

Start a Podcast or Do Videos?

So if you think about it, it comes down to the very simple question: do you want to start a podcast? Or do you just want more marketing? If you want more marketing, do videos. If you want to start a podcast, no one is standing in your way.

But make sure that if you start a podcast, it’s something that you want to do for the long-term. If you quit too soon, all of the work you put into it will be lost if you stop posting regularly.

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