Don’t Create Content For A Platform. Be Platform Agnostic.

Turn one video into 27 pieces of content

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Amplified NOW is a video-first content marketing agency that helps speakers and influencers make the most out of their content. We understand how valuable the content you create is because it represents your time, effort, and skill. That’s why we believe that how you make content and where you put it is just as important as what you have to say.

Once, late at night, I had the startling thought that there is so much great content all over social media, but does it exist anywhere else?

For example, I remember meeting somebody who had a billion followers on Instagram. However, she doesn’t have her content anywhere else. It lives solely on Instagram. I know another person who writes the most in-depth Twitter threads. While I understand that this is a platform that thrives on in-the-moment ideas and responses to current events, it makes me concerned to think that, if something were to happen, all of that great content could be lost.

As a speaker or influencer, you will be doing yourself a great favor by creating content and then putting it on a platform. This is what I call being platform agnostic.

For example, imagine you are creating a video. You map it out tell your story, hit all your points, and nail your call to action. Then you stop recording, and you have it in raw format. Now, you can take that content and put it on whatever platform you choose.

Three Ways Being Platform Agnostic Can Benefit You 

Protect Your Content

The first reason is that social media carries with it several potential risks. Your account could be hacked, lost, or blocked for some reason. You could decide that a certain platform is no longer an effective place for connecting with your audience and decide to leave it. Not to mention the effects of changing rules and algorithms that can make it difficult for your audience to see your content.

When you create your content on your phone, camera, or another recording system, no matter what happens, you’re prepared and can rest easy knowing that you have everything you’ve ever produced where it is safe and sound. As a creator, you can be assured that your content turns into an asset that you own, and that you get to decide how and when it is used.

Repurpose Your Content

Another reason why creating content this way is helpful is because it makes it easy to repurpose it in different ways and across platforms.

Using the video example, you could post the entire video to your website and cut pieces out of that video for use on social media. Instead of creating and re-creating content across different platforms, you only have to do it once and then use it where ever you want. The video does the work for you and saves you time.

Cutting a video up into 15 or 30-second segments is much more efficient than trying to re-create content in different ways across different platforms. Doing that isn’t going to translate into more views or more engagement so, why spend the time? Instead, use that time to do the things that really matter to you and help you achieve your goals.

Create High-Quality Content

Last, creating content in this way ensures that you will have a high-quality finished product. This makes it easy for you to use in a variety of ways or makes it easy to pass off to someone else if you choose.

At Amplified NOW, this is what we do for our clients. After they record a video of their expertise, they pass it off to us, and we cut it down and re-size it for all the different social media aspect ratios. We edit the video in a way that makes the message stand out and lets your expertise take center stage.  We also help turn that video into written content such as blog posts, social media captions, or email subscriber list content. Before you know it, that one video has given you many pieces of content that can be used in just about any way you can imagine. 

If this is something you are interested in, find out more about our content machine here.
When you take the time to produce content this way, you’ll find that you’ve actually saved time – both in the short and long-term. Your content will be protected, you’ll be able to easily repurpose it, and you’ll have a high-quality product that will continue to be an asset to you for years to come. 

Don't create content for a platform, be platform agnostic.

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