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People-Centered, Outcome-Focused Solutions

Your people are the front lines of your organization, and they matter now more than ever. When you harness their strengths, motivations and personality traits, the puzzle pieces come together and your organization thrives. By leveraging personality research to better understand people, you can honor their complexity and individuality.

Though we hire for skills, we often terminate for behavior. What if you could get insight into behavior, team dynamics, and leadership traits that could help your organizations and employees reach peak performance and thrive? You can, with Paradigm’s reimagined WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ suite of people-centered, outcome-focused assessments and reports.

We carefully listened to feedback from our global user community as we made our highly regarded WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM even better. We redesigned it to reveal insights that lead to improved actions—more informed candidate selection, more targeted development, and true collaboration in teams. The new WorkPlace suite removes hurdles that impede organizational development. It helps you unleash workforce potential to accelerate business results in a groundbreaking way.

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This next-generation WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ report suite leverages insights into individual work styles and preferences to help you accomplish business objectives.


Developing leaders who use their strengths to guide and engage teams while navigating changing environments.

Moving teams past communication impasses to generate a true sense of collaboration—and better business outcomes.


Levelling up recruitment by selecting candidates that are truly best fits for the role and your organization, not just the ones that ace the interview.

Maximizing fundamental employee alignment, engagement, and productivity by harnessing the connection between employees’ natural behavioral energy and flow states.


At Paradigm, behavioral assessment is not a destination. Instead, it's a tool to further business goals and increase job-person fit while fostering egnagement and well-being. For all your talent management needs, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ suite delivers.


Paradigm’s WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is based on the Five-Factor Model of personality. Our assessment and reports use clear and concise workplace language that has proven to be a valuable tool across industries and organizations. The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is one of the most psychometrically robust tools on the market. Its average coefficient alpha of .83 demonstrates that it is among the most reliable and valid of all assessments. The Paradigm WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ product suite is based on more than 20 years of proprietary and external research into cognition and personality. Put simply, our clients rely on how well WorkPlace identifies and describes behaviors and traits to help with selection, team dynamics, and leadership development.


More than 5,000 innovative and strategic organizations, consulting firms, and nonprofits use the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ for its precision and insights into individual behaviors. Clients rely on WorkPlace as the assessment of choice for its unique combination of scientific rigor, focus on business outcomes, and an empowering approach to individual appreciation and development.


Too often, organizations struggle to overcome the roadblocks they encounter when selecting candidates, working through team dynamics, and developing leadership skills… until the Workplace Big Five Profile™. Easily completed online in 15 minutes or less, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ reveals an individual’s five personality supertraits and 23 subtraits. These traits simply and clearly explain work-related behaviors found in their communication styles and approaches to work, as well as preferences and energy for their specific roles and tasks.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ uses work-relevant, bias-free language that is both concise and straightforward. Our clients often comment on how its intuitive design and data visualizations contribute to a report that offers the highest level of insight to participants and organizations


Participants complete a single WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ questionnaire that can be used to reveal insights to address the development needs of individuals, teams, and leaders. Paradigm offers these perspectives in its WorkPlace report suite.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait Report

Take a look at the features that make the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait report unique.

Trait Variance

The Trait Variance feature prompts participants to investigate when and how they might consider adjusting behaviors in different contexts and situations to better embrace team dynamics, organize work for greater effectiveness, and enhance communication. It’s also a great tool for precisely understanding candidate fit.

Making Meaning

Simply assigning a label or providing a report doesn’t necessarily help individuals gain insight into what makes them tick. Our clients often comment that the “Making Meaning section of the Trait report is especially valuable. It jump-starts reflection to help participants draw lines between their scores and their work behaviors, and to understand the ways these behaviors relate to their workplace roles and tasks.

Trait Energy

The “What Energizes Us?” section helps individuals understand the connection between their personality and certain behaviors and situations that they find naturally energizing or draining. Participants often have “aha moments” where they can point to specific situations with a better understanding. 

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Consultant’s Report

Bundled with the Trait report, the Consultant’s report is a critical tool for precise WorkPlace Big Five Profile™  feedback and interpretation. It is organized to help WorkPlace practitioners quickly analyze behavioral data insights, map a plan for organizational development, and execute a strategy to improve results—all tailored to the individual for maximum impact.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait Capacitor Report

Understanding an individual’s natural energy to perform competencies relevant to today’s work environment is a development game-changer. The connection between ingrained behaviors and competencies is a tangible, effective, and intuitive path for development planning. The Capacitor is designed to engage individuals in their development plans and efforts. 

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Teamer Report

Would you like to see Teams come together to discuss their strengths and challenges with openness, curiosity, and optimism? The Teamer does the heavy lifting of team development. It helps you foster team effectiveness by providing a comprehensive view of team dynamics, strengths, unique contributions of team members, potential blind spots, and development opportunities.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Leader Report

The Leader is one of our most popular reports because it helps individuals see their singular leadership footprint through the lens of personality. The Leader helps individuals identify strengths to leverage and develop opportunities to capture so that they can excel in their environment.


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