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Resources for a New Offer

Develop an Offer

The Form and Format of an Idea Workbook

The Big Idea Template

Writing Your Offers

Pricing Your Offer

Program Name Ideas

Launch an Offer

The Starter Launch Masterclass

The Starter Launch Slides

Course Launch Email Sequence

The Launch Planner

Example Launch Timelines

Example Launch Timelines

Build a Sales Funnel

Funnel Maps

Funnel Visual

Everything You Need to Launch a Digital Offer Checklist

Page Block Templates

Write and Build a Webinar

The Webinar Blocks System

Why You Should Use Webinars

Brainstorming Your Webinar Topic

Webinar Content Outline

The 30/40/30 Approach

Webinar Registration Template

How to Pre-Record Your Webinar

Facebook Ad Copy Templates

Webinar Conversion Rate Calculator

Pre-Webinar Email Sequence

On-Demand Webinar Invite

Post-Webinar Email Sequence

“Book a Call” Post Webinar Email Sequence

Affiliate Webinar Invite

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Write and Build a Sales Page

The Copy Blocks System

Sales Page Outline Worksheet

Page Block Templates

Sales Page Copy Template

Copy Blocks Trello Board

12 Sales Page Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Fill-in-the-blank Formulas for Copy and CTAs

Buyer Intent Keywords

High Converting Headlines

Sales Page Breakdown

Writing Your Offers

Sales Page Madlibs

Beaver Builder Wireframe 1

Beaver Builder Wireframe 2

Elementor Wireframe 1

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Start a Group Coaching Program

Group Coaching Playbook

The Copy Blocks System

The Email Blocks System

Launch Planner

Example Launch Timelines

Fill in the Blank Formulas for Copy and CTAs

Sales Page Madlibs

Facebook Ad Madlibs

Group coaching calculator

Group Program Income Calculator

Start an Individual Coaching Program

Amplify Your Expertise with Individual Coaching

The Copy Blocks System

The Email Blocks System

Refine and Clarify Your Offer

Ideal Customer Workbook

Writing Your Offers

Program Name Ideas

How to Write a Personal Intro

Homepage Optimization Checklist

Coaching Questions

Content Strategy Workbook

Blog Post Title Templates

Content Calendar

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