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One Thing to NEVER Discuss In Your Videos

At AmplifiedNOW, we specialize in helping you create the best expert videos possible for your business. Expert videos are the ones where you stand in your expertise and you talk about things that you can talk about for a half-hour. We only talk about them for five to 10 minutes because basically after that point, you’re switching topics anyway.

One of the things I want to talk about today is something you should never discuss in your marketing videos. Now, it’s easy to say that right? Be mindful that some video topics may not help you reach certain goals or resonate well with your audience. Or worse, you could be giving away the same advice and guidance that’s available with your paid resources.

Stay Away From These Video Topics

When it comes to video topics, I recommend my clients stay away from current events because what we’re building is content that lasts a long time. So if you spend time talking about something that’s coming up, then your video has a shorter shelf life. So if you’re talking about Fourth of July weekend or whatever, it feels weird to see a Fourth of July video in the middle of December – even if everything else in the video is evergreen.

What we say ‘evergreen’, we’re referring to just eternal content that works no matter what. You don’t have to say the video is evergreen when you’re recording. It’s just a term we use to describe a video that is sharing information that will be relevant for the long haul.

So Which Video Topics Should You Cover?

I was talking to a client earlier this week and we were talking about how to map out a video content strategy for the next 10 videos. He only wanted to do a brainstorming session for a very condensed period, because he was thinking if there are too many ideas he wouldn’t be able to record them all.

This particular client records his videos on his own and gives them to me full and finished which is great. Most clients don’t do this since I’ll typically record with them to give them prompts them mute myself out of the video when it’s edited. But this client has all the gear and a studio which is great. He’s a course creator and only wanted 10 videos.

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Why You Should Never ‘Give Away the Farm’ In Your Videos

One of the things that he was worried about doing was giving away the farm. If someone can learn the entire length of your course, in 10 videos, which is probably about the number of videos that are in a course, be careful about what you cover in your video content. If you are truly worried about this, then you make sure that you keep specific strategies and content from your paid course out of your free expert videos.

The way to do this is to think about it in terms of a journalist’s five questions (who, what, when, where, and why). Talk about what and why. If you veer too far into the how then what you’re doing is you’re giving people a reason not to buy your thing. With course creators especially, it’s very easy to get into like, ‘Well, okay, so here’s what you do. 123. That’s it.’ Then someone thinks, well, that answered my question, what do I need the course for? And that might be something that you can solve on a sales page.

But it’s also a situation where you don’t talk about the mechanics of how. Your course very often will take people on a journey from beginner to expert or from beginner to proficiency but probably not an expert. You’re the expert. And they don’t need to be an expert. They just need to learn the shortcuts that you created along the way.

But if you start talking about the same video topics, you’re going to feel like you’re giving away the farm. So don’t do that. Talk about the what and the why but not the how. You’ll see on my videos, that I do talk a lot about how to do this kind of thing because my mission is to get you doing videos. I can make it easier for you. But if you don’t want to hire me, I still want you to do videos.

If your solution is complex, I think each of our videos goes through a 32-step process in order to get repurposed and cut and edited with graphics and all that. So I don’t feel uncomfortable about talking about some of the how to get your genius out there. Most people don’t do what I do with videos and then even if I talk about the how, it’s a lot of work that a lot of people aren’t willing to do.

So if your solution is something like this, you can talk a little bit about the how, but you still don’t want to give away anything that you consider your secret sauce. When you think about the different things, I think for a lot of course creators, it’s talking about case studies. So let’s talk about someone who’s not you going through your course and what happened.

The Importance of Discussing the Transformation in Your Videos

Discuss where they were before, what the transformation was like when they got to your thing, and where they are now. If you do enough of those, then people will see themselves in someone that has been through your course. That is why you should get really good testimonials and really understand your clients. You could even interview past students who by taking your course achieve some sort of excellent transformation.

Again, video content marketing is supposed to entice like the little tiny appetizers that come out before you’ve ordered anything but they make you excited to be dining at that particular restaurant.

When I worked in inbound marketing years and years ago for corporate, the ethos we followed was to give away a ton of your work, up to 80%! To give away 80% of your secret sauce through content marketing. Then charge like hell for the rest of it. That’s what lots of consulting companies do. That’s what the consulting company that I work for does.

So when you’re brainstorming your video topics make sure that you’re generous with what you give away. But remember, there are some things that keep your solution unique, and it’s not the same thing that makes you unique. It’s the solution. What is it that differentiates your solution? Why is yours proprietary? Keep those cards close to your vest.

If you’d like a little guidance along the way, I’d love to help you strategize! Click here to book a strategy session with me.

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