Don’t Make This Mistake When Naming Your Offer

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You worked hard to create a product. You took your time researching, brainstorming, and planning, as well as creating.

Now it’s time to think about naming your offer. Specifically, I want to talk about the number one mistake I see most people make when they’re naming their product. While this mistake is not super obvious, it’s something so common because as creators we think about naming our product by describing what it is. I am as guilty of this as anyone especially since my industry is marketing. But let’s talk about why this may not be the best idea and what to do instead.

Why You Might Struggle With Naming Your Offer

The thing is: no one stays up late at night thinking ‘gosh, I need more marketing!’, right? What they’re actually thinking about is a problem or obstacle that marketing solves.

Your industry is probably like that, too. Instead of thinking about what your product is and getting into the granular aspects (the 14 videos, 8 modules, etc.), take a step back from that and answer this question: What does this product solve?

Determine the one problem this digital product, info product, or ebook solves and if you can answer that succinctly, then you can name your product better. Also, pull back and think about what someone will gain from your product and make sure it’s digestible, like what results they can expect after a certain period of time.

For example, maybe your product helps people build a million-dollar business in nine months of daily work. Even if that’s a $25 product, you’re not going to get buy-in on it. Of course, everyone wants a million-dollar product, but no one wants to put in that much work. The same goes for a 12-week program. Think of it in terms of hours, instead of the length of time, and realize that how you describe and present the product is very important.

How You Present Your Product By Naming It Is So Crucial

I had a call with a friend who said that she had changed one word on her product and the conversion rate doubled or tripled. Mind you, she changed nothing about the format. Instead of calling it a Four Week Social Media Bootcamp, she called it Four Hour Social Media Bootcamp, even though it’s still met on Tuesdays at five or whatever. The thing that you need your product to say is that customers will get some results in some manageable amount of time. We’re all very busy. We’re not interested in taking semester-long courses anymore.

So make sure you shave off some of the background and some of the things that you think are important but actually aren’t. At the same time, don’t get rid of the meat. The shortcut way to build X in Y amount of time is going to sell for you better than a digital something or other product with the word marketing in it.

The key is to show them how quickly they can expect results. Your course, digital product, or service should take a high-level approach. So instead of telling people they need a robust Twitter strategy, break it down and make it simply by telling them to sign up for Twitter and make sure they’re putting X on their profile or in their posts.

Make Naming Your Offer Easy By Simplifying and Answering an Important Question

Make it easy, manageable, and digestible or people won’t want to go through it. So when you’re thinking about your product or offer, take a step back and answer the question: what does it do? What am I promising?

When someone goes through this, what is the transformation that they will undergo? If you can answer that, you are in a much better position to increase your conversions on your offer. I hope this was helpful. I would love to chat with you about naming your offer and marketing it. Just head here to book a free strategy call.

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