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Mindstorm Mapping Mentorship

2:1 Strategy + Systems implementation to help you get ready to launch

"Your big-picture ideas are incredible. But what makes this worth every penny, and then some, is how much time we spent outlining exactly how to translate the big picture into the actual steps I needed to take. I'm not left hanging when it comes to implementation."


Andrea Whitmer

2-on-1 mindstorm mentoring with an intense focus on what matters most

Get your time back. Grow your business sustainably. Make more money. Get back to why you started all this in the first place.

Think of it like GPS for your business.

Set your destination, then figure out the exact steps you need to take to get you there, on time, and in a good mood.

  • You don't need a group program, and you definitely don't need another course.

    You need specific, personalized support from two people who have been where you are.

  • You don't need nonspecific, generic advice.

    You need more than "double your rates!" and "batch your content!" You need customized strategy and the tactics that will get you there.

  • You don't need toxic positivity.

    You need something authentic, something real. You know you're a badass, and you don't mind hearing that from us, but that won't be enough.

Customized mapping for the future of your business

We'll figure out what's working, set up time-saving automations, plan and launch your next revenue opportunity, and hold you accountable along the way.

"Thanks to your support, I was able to grow my business during a time when I wasn't actually able to show houses in person. I've now coached other agents in private group settings, and I'm on my way toward building the standard training of choice for female real estate agents."

andi blackwell

Andi Blackwell

Kathleen + Emma

You don't get strategy and tactics in one person, typically. That's why we're offering this with both of us.

Kathleen Celmins and Emma Bates have a combined 16 years of digital entrepreneurship experience.


Kathleen's strengths are in her big ideas. Ideas for audience building, new revenue streams, and new offers are just a few things she can come up with, seemingly on the spot.


Emma, on the other hand, creates systems, templates, processes, procedures as easily as the rest of us put together lunch. "Just tell me where you want to go, and when you want to get there, and leave the rest to me," is her motto.


Combined, those powers (plus all the templates and swipe files they've amassed through their partnership) make them so much more powerful together than they are separately.

Kathleen Celmins

CEO. Big idea thinker. Strategic.

Emma Bates

COO. Creator of systems. Empathetic.

Ready for more ease, more focus, and more income?

Forget burnout. Forget hitting an income wall. Stop working for your business. Create a path toward more profitability, more calm, and start making your business work for you.


It all starts here: