What Works in Video: How This Divorce Coach Repurposes Her Calls For Marketing

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a content marketing agency for experts who want to get out of their own way when it comes to marketing. She sat down with Maxine Clancy, a transformational relationship and divorce coach, and founder of Maxine Clancy Coaching.

Maxine uses video in her business in a number of different ways, including Facebook Live, Instagram, video courses, and video coaching. Maxine feels that video has a way of helping her clients really connect with what she is teaching and allows them to interpret her message in the way that is most helpful for them.

Maxine has also found that creating videos has helped her in other areas of her business, including marketing. 

Here are her top tips for repurposing your video content for marketing:

  • Use client sessions to come up with new ideas. Maxine began noticing that often when coaching a client, an idea would come from their conversation that hadn’t occurred to her before. She takes those ideas and records videos or creates courses from them.
  • Use your previously created content as a marketing tool. Maxine takes pieces or her courses that are especially engaging or relatable and uses them on social media to encourage people to check out her courses.
  • Take a video transcript and turn it into a written post. Repurposing your video content by turning into an easy-to-read post for use on a blog or in a newsletter, helps expand your audience to include people who aren’t big video viewers.

Learn more about Maxine’s business and the services she offers here.

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Divorce Coach repurposes video content
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