What Works in Video: How This Graphic Designer Fell in Love With Video Editing

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, an expert video content marketing agency. She sat down with Maddy Beard, a graphic designer and creative resident at Adobe to discuss Maddy’s experiences with video and how she learned to love the video editing process.

Currently, Maddy is working on projects focused on UX/UI design in the wellness space, specifically designing mindfully for the wellness industry. She is sharing her process and what she is learning on YouTube and Instagram. After she finishes her one-year residency, Maddy hopes her YouTube channel will help her reach people as she continues to create content and courses about how graphic designers can transition to UX.

Don’t Be Afraid of Video Editing

When Maddy first started using video she expected to hate the editing process. In fact, she had even lined up help from her sister and anticipated outsourcing all her video editing. But, after a few times, she found the process to be very creative and even therapeutic.

It didn’t just happen though. At first, Maddy was spending a lot of time re-filming her videos and scrapping every attempt that didn’t go perfectly. Eventually, she decided that she needed to stop taking herself so seriously and realized that no one was looking at her as closely as she was. With time and practice, she fell in love with video editing.

Kathleen recommends having someone else edit your videos if you have a hard time not critiquing your performance and find that you are spending a lot of time getting caught up in making the “perfect video.”

If you can’t outsource your editing, it can be helpful to pretend that you are editing the video for a client and not for yourself. When you take your critical self-assessment out of play and treat the process as you would for a friend or client you might find you are able to relax and realize you are doing just fine.

Video Editing and Repurposing Tips:

If you love the editing process like Maddy, or just want to get the most value for the video content you create, here are some of Kathleen’s tips for how you can take one video and repurpose it in many ways:

  • Record one video with your message, content, or sales pitch in as high-quality format as possible. Make sure you film it sideways if you are using your phone! This longer video can be used on IGTV, YouTube, or anywhere you feel it would be helpful.
  • Edit down one-minute snippets for Instagram or TikTok. Captions are very helpful on these platforms in case people don’t turn on their sound.
  • Turn your video into a blog post. Don’t just use a direct transcript. Transcripts can come across and dry or may not get your point across in an easy-to-read way. Some people aren’t going to watch videos, but if you can pull a few main points out of your video and write them out in a short blog post you’ll bring in those non-video watchers as well.
  • Pull out any good quotes or one-liners and create Instagram or Facebook post content from them. This is another way to pull in those individuals who don’t enjoy watching video content.

If you would like help making creating video content that allows you to speak your expertise into the world, Amplified NOW assists their clients with all these things and more. You can find additional information here!

You can follow along with Maddy as she continues her journey with Adobe and beyond by visiting her website.

We’d love to hear what’s working in video for you and your business! Click here to get in touch with us and be featured the blog.

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