How Luxury Brands Do Marketing Differently with Lauren Proctor

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video-first content marketing agency that helps people get out of their own way when it comes to creating content. 

She sat down with Lauren Proctor, a digital marketing consultant for luxury and fashion brands. Lauren works with multi-million dollar companies or small mom-and-pop shops to help them grow their online presence. 

Lauren’s Journey

Lauren got into the luxury product space by accident. She wanted to be a journalist, but she got the advice that she shouldn’t go into journalism or publishing because the industry was collapsing.

She began working at a marketing firm that focused on helping luxury brands figure out what to do with the internet.

At the time, the high-end brands often didn’t believe that they needed a website or social media presence because it didn’t fit in with what they were trying to achieve. 

It turned out that Lauren was in the right place at the right time because as social media began to grow and become a way of life, more brands reached out to her for help, and she began to know more people in the industry. Before long, word of mouth kept bringing in clients in need of her services. 

Lauren started her agency, Storyworlding, where she primarily works with larger brands or startups. Her team has helped brands such as American Express, Virgin Airlines, LOFT, and Fabletics.

The Importance of Story Telling

When it comes to marketing for luxury brands, Lauren believes that they have to build storytelling into their budget a bit more than other brands. 

When people go on Amazon to buy something, they are usually more concerned about how quickly they can get their item. However, when it comes to luxury, most people want to know the story behind the product or brand.

People will spend time reading and researching luxury products, so having a lot of content allows people to feel connected.

Lauren loves to help brands craft a story that brings their product to life and helps them get it to places that they hadn’t imagined. 

Luxury Marketing

For those entrepreneurs looking to start a brand, Lauren’s advice is to decide what you value before determining how to market it. 

If you are passionate about your line or product and feel that it’s part of who you are or if you value the quality of the product more than the profit margin, market it as luxury. 

If you’re more interested in talking products and making money without a lot of concern about the quality or a connection to the product, then look into other marketing avenues like Amazon dropship or affiliate.

Keep in mind that luxury brands and marketing are about having a quality product with a compelling story that people are excited to invest in.

Learn More!

If you want to learn more about luxury marketing and Lauren’s work, you can find her on her website or Twitter.

Doing Marketing Differently

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How luxury brands do marketing differently
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