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Effortlessly Create Engaging LinkedIn Posts with AI

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Introducing Linked Authority, the AI-Powered LinkedIn Post Generator.

It's the ultimate tool for professionals and businesses looking to boost their LinkedIn presence without resorting to cringey posts.

Why LinkedIn Posts Matter

  • LinkedIn has over 900 million users, making it the largest professional network worldwide

  • Thought leadership posts on LinkedIn can significantly improve your brand perception and trustworthiness

  • Consistent, high-quality LinkedIn posts are key to building your professional brand and attracting opportunities

Challenges of Creating LinkedIn Posts from Scratch

  • Coming up with fresh, engaging post ideas can be time-consuming

  • Crafting well-written, insightful posts on a regular basis requires significant effort

  • Maintaining a consistent brand voice and style across all your posts is challenging

How Linked Authority, the AI-Powered LinkedIn Post Generator, Helps

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    Generates compelling post ideas based on your industry and target audience

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    Creates ready-to-publish post drafts using advanced AI and natural language processing

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    Maintains your unique voice and style by learning from your existing posts

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    Suggests relevant hashtags and keywords to maximize your post reach

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    Saves you hours of time and effort in LinkedIn content creation

Key Features

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    Intuitive interface— simply enter a topic or keywords and let the AI do the rest

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    Provides SEO-optimized posts to boost visibility on LinkedIn and Google

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    Helps avoid the temptation to write cringey LinkedIn content

How It Works

  • Give it your existing content (whether that's a blog post, a podcast transcript, or a YouTube transcript)

  • Tell it which industry you're building your authority in

  • Let the AI generate an engaging LinkedIn post draft

  • Review, edit, and publish your posts directly to LinkedIn


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    $37 per month for unlimited LinkedIn posts

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    Price includes other AI-powered tools to amplify your content (carousel post generator and a tweet storm generator)

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    Flexible subscription, cancel any time

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