What We Can Learn From Elite Athletes About Expertise

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Let’s talk about elite athletes. You might be thinking I’m one of them but If you knew me at all, you would not ever confuse me with someone who is an athlete, let alone an elite athlete. Although, I can consider myself an elite expert. 😉

I was thinking about an athlete’s expertise the other day. I love watching the Olympics. I love Cirque du Soleil and I’ve been to a couple of shows. I remember one in particular where the contortionists were doing their thing and I was amazed. My husband leaned over to me and asked, so is that what you typically do in your Wednesday yoga class? He was joking of course, because that seemed harder by a longshot than anything I’ve ever done.

But the most shocking thing is how easy they made that look. Yes, I know intellectually, that those athletes at Cirque du Soleil or in the Olympics, spend their entire lives honing their craft.

Elite Athletes Make It Look Easy

Michael Phelps doesn’t just get into the pool and win races. He trains and trains and trains for it. But the cool thing about the elites is that they make everything they do look so easy. You watch gymnastics at the Olympics, and you think it looks so easy. Maybe it’s even something you think you could try doing with ease.

Then next thing you know, you’re on a balance beam wishing you hadn’t challenged yourself, but this has a lot to do with positioning yourself as an elite expert in your business. If you were to ask a gymnast to teach you some of the tricks of their trade, how much do you think they would have to dial things back down to the primary level to explain it to you?

In order to talk to someone like you, who doesn’t have any gymnastics experience (aside from maybe tumbling when you were 5), consider how they have to teach you certain basic concepts.

Consider Yourself an Elite Expert

That’s how I want you to see yourself – as an elite athlete when it comes to the level of expertise you share through your business. You make what you do look easy. I would argue that some of what you know feels easy. You know certain things about your industry and have the experience and track record to back it up. This is because what you’re doing is looking through the lens of who you are today.

Maybe you’ve forgotten, or just absorbed the fact that you spent decades training to be as good as you are at the thing that you’re good at. So any time you’re coming up with what to write and catch yourself wondering if you’ve ‘dumbed’ something down too much or if someone has already explained it, stop. It doesn’t matter if everyone’s already said it. You haven’t said it, and people need to hear it from you if they’re going to decide to work with you.

We’re in the land of variety and what you bring to the table is your knowledge as an elite expert. It’s important to know that even though it comes naturally to you, it’s the same thing as you looking at a gymnast and seeing how naturally it comes to them.

Video Is One of the Best Ways to Showcase Your Expertise

I hope that’s helpful. It’s one of the things I keep thinking about especially when I am working with clients who are so smart and have spent years building up their expertise. They get so deep into what they know that it feels like they don’t know anything and I want to help people like you pull that out.

I want you to show the rest of the world or at least your corner of the world, what you offer as an elite expert and how video can help with that.

I help our clients do this, beginning with a strategy session. It’s a content strategy session where you and I sit down for 45 minutes and we map out the titles, the main content and the calls to action for 25 videos. These videos then get repurposed in several different ways and create your long-term content marketing strategy.

If you want to do the strategy session, just head here. I’d love to chat with you about that and help you bring your expertise out into your world. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon.

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