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Kevin Sutardji is the founder of Kuartive Co., a multimedia creation platform that aims to inspire and guide people to live with more intention. He sat down with Kathleen Celmins, CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, to talk about how video is the foundation and heart of his business.

Kevin has used video in just about every available way, including video podcasts, live videos, interviews, and recorded videos. He posts across multiple platforms and tries to repurpose his video in as many ways as possible. Kevin credits the use of video for the success he has found in his business.

Here are Kevin’s top tips for how to use video as a foundational part of your business:

  • Use video to convey authenticity. Kevin has found that when you are in front of the camera your character and body language come across and allow there to be more connection between you and the viewer.
  • Use video to clarify your message. Kevin writes blogs and newsletters and feels they are an important part of his business. However, he has also found that by delivering the same message in video format he can express his message more clearly and in a way that sticks with people.
  • Use video to show details. When Kevin wants to explain something to his followers, he has found it is often more helpful to show them rather than just tell them. Whether it’s the process he uses to set up his day or simply how he likes to make coffee, performing these actions on video helps people understand the detail and intention behind what he’s doing. 
  • Use tools that help you, not just the tools that everyone else is using. Don’t get too hung up on finding the “perfect” technology to make videos with. Just because a lot of people seem to be using a certain technology doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you and your business. You can still make amazing videos without a lot of high-tech equipment or software.

Visit Kuartive Co. to learn more about Kevin’s business.

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