How to Turn Instagram Visitors into Buyers with Jen Griswold

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video-first content marketing agency. She sat down with Jen Griswold to find out how she is doing marketing differently.

Jen’s Story

Jen is an entrepreneur, author, and retired military officer. Her passion is teaching entrepreneurship and providing marketing resources to women who want to launch their own businesses.

After retiring from 20 years as an officer in the Air Force, she leaned on her skills and training to start her own home-based business, which grew into a multimillion-dollar sales organization. Today Jen leads the training, development, and production of a distributed team of over 9,000 entrepreneurs that produces over $20 million in skincare sales annually.

Jen is the CEO of Mission Entrepreneur, a company specializing in helping women-owned, small businesses with branding, marketing, and website building. They recently launched a new product called BossLady Bio. 

BossLady Bio

BossLady Bio allows your bio to work for you by connecting all your products, services, and content with just one click. 

Jen was inspired to start BossLady Bio after noticing that women weren’t using the power of a full website. She found that once they locked in their website, they didn’t change it. But they’re all using social media too, so they combined the idea of the website with a more nimble and beautiful social media tool. 

With the click of a button, everything is done from your phone, while still being a web app that can be seen from a desktop. Nobody knows that you’ve built it from your phone. 

You put in your links, pictures, and a couple of lines of copy, and you’ve got a website!

For example, if you are a runner and you link to your favorite running shoe on sale, you’ll get people to click on your link tool. Then, they’ll start to see the other things you sell.

Statistics show that 80% of people on Instagram are primed to buy. So it’s a brilliant way to pull people in through a personal brand and let them stay for whatever your business offers. 

Here are some of the other features you can get with BossLady Bio Pro:

IntroClip When someone clicks on your BossBio link, the first thing you will see is an intro clip with a big play button that no one can resist. This is where you get a chance to say hi and introduce yourself and your business. Then they can click on your links to get more information about what you do and how to buy from you. 

OneTap Theme Changes With the pro theme gallery, you can change your theme anytime with just one tap. Jen knows that women love to shop, so they are constantly dropping new templates in for you to choose from.

Analytics With analytics, you’ll be able to see what features are getting the most traction so you can drive more sales. This will make creating a social media strategy easier.

Virtual Business Card Now your potential clients can get in touch with you by email or phone. You can even convert it to a QR code.

Testimonial/Quote BossLady Bio makes it easy to share powerful words from your customers or an inspirational quote.

Product Carousel This carousel makes it simple to highlight your most picture-worthy products or services with photos, descriptions, and a call to action.

Empowerment Connection Standpoint At the bottom of your page, you can link to the woman who empowered you to join BossLady Bio and share their links. It’s a nice way for you to share, increase visibility in a broader network, and create a ripple effect for women too.

If this sounds overwhelming to you or you just want a bit of guidance, Jenn offers a free, printable worksheet to help you write, plan, and organize your content.

Who is BossLady Bio For?

BossLady Bio launched in April of 2021 and immediately started attracting attention. 
Jen says that about 90% of their clients didn’t have a website before, but BossLady Bio makes it easy for everyone to share their ideas, passions, and small businesses and include them in their personal brand. 

It’s also ideal if you have an outdated website or that you are no longer interested in keeping up.
BossLady Bio offers different plans at different prices ranges, including a totally free version up to a maximum of $ 11.99 a month. 

This tool is the perfect fit for those who need a website but don’t want to spend a fortune to get one set up. You’ll be able to increase your visibility organically in an easy-to-manage way. 

Learn More!

If you want to learn more, you can BossLady Bio on their website. There you’ll see examples of exactly what you’ll get when you sign up.

Doing Marketing Differently

We’d love to hear how you and your business are doing marketing differently! Click here to get in touch with us and be featured on the blog.

Turning Instagram Visitors into Buyers with Jen Griswold
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