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Integrating Surveys and Polls into Emails

Integrating Surveys and Polls into Emails

Integrating Surveys and Polls into Emails

Whoever said email marketing had to be dull and tedious? You know, they were dead wrong. Allow us to prove it!

Why integrate surveys and polls in emails?

Come on, it’s 2021, folks! We’re not living in the stone age anymore. By integrating surveys and polls into emails, your brand can kick start an interactive conversation with customers. Light up the fireworks, we’re about to make your emails pop!

The perks

  • Boost engagement: By involving your subscribers in your decision-making process, they feel part of the process, and who doesn’t enjoy that?

  • Improve products/services: You get to hear straight from the horse’s mouth – that’s an opportunity to refine and align your products to taste, my friends.

  • Data for actions: Surveys and polls are the finest way to gather data. Keep the guesswork out of your strategies!

Ways to integrate surveys and polls in emails

Don’t sweat, there’s no rocket science involved. Follow our easy guide to make your emails the talk of the town.

Embed in email

Imagine an email that asks for your opinion, right then and there. Cool, right? Platforms like Typeform and SurveyMonkey allow you to do just that.

Link to a Webpage

Keep the email simple and short. Sweet like a cupcake. Attach a link to the survey at the end of the email using punchy CTAs. Party on the webpage, not the email.

Add as a Postscript(PS)

Human curiosity won’t let a ‘PS’ go unread. Tuck your survey neatly at the end, and sure as sunrise, subscribers will click.

Make it fun and rewarding

Your subscribers ain’t here for extra work. Make your surveys fun and interactive – think GIFs, interesting questions and casual lingo. A little incentive (discount codes, anybody?) to complete the survey wouldn’t hurt either.

Remember to say ‘Thank You!’

Leave on a high note. A ‘Thank you’ note at the end makes your subscribers feel special. After all, you’ve got to butter them up for the next one, right?


Add some flavor to your emails by integrating surveys and polls. It’s a chill way to interact with your subscribers, get insights and ramp up your game. So, as the cool kids say, let’s get this bread!

All in all, adding surveys and polls to your email marketing strategy is a win-win. You get valuable feedback and data while your subscribers get the opportunity to share their input and feel valued. This input can guide your business decisions and allow you to provide a more tailored experience for your customers. Plus, with numerous platforms and creative strategies available, it’s pretty straightforward to make your surveys engaging and easy to complete. So go on, experiment and cultivate better customer relationships!

Use Survey Apps

If creating emails and webpages is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of survey apps that allow you to do so in a straightforward manner. Apps like Google Forms, Qualtrics or Zoho Survey are easy to use and come with several design options.

Incorporate Surveys in Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to keep your subscribers updated and informed. By incorporating a survey in your newsletter, you can engage recipients and make them feel even more involved in your brand.

Make it Short and Sweet

Long and tedious surveys can scare the customers away. Keep it short and to the point. Ask only what is necessary.

Make use of Visuals

Visual elements like emojis or images can make your survey more interactive and engaging. A boring text-only survey may not appeal to the respondents.

Ask for Feedback or Testimonials

Give your customers a chance to share their opinions about your services or products. Testimonials and feedback can be incredibly valuable for improving your brand. Adding a feedback section in your email surveys will allow your customers to voice their thoughts.

Be Open to Criticism

Don’t shy away from receiving criticism. Constructive criticism can help you identify areas where you need improvement.


Surveys and polls are an amazing way to understand your audience, gain feedback and implement those in your strategies. So, keep these pointers in mind and integrate interesting, engaging surveys into your email marketing strategy.

Offer Incentives

Promote response to your email surveys by offering incentives or rewards to respondents. This will not only make your audience feel appreciated but also encourage them to take participation seriously, increasing the chances of substantial feedback. These could range from discounts codes, giveaways or access to premium content.

Analyze and Implement Changes

Once you have collected the survey data, it is crucial to analyze it and draw conclusions. Spot trends, notice problems, and appreciate positive feedback. Use the findings to implement necessary changes and improvements in your products, services or overall brand strategy.

Share the Results

Sharing the survey results with your customers can show your transparency and their importance in shaping your business. It sends a signal that their opinion was heard and acted upon, fostering sense of community and building trust.

Always Appreciate Participation

Ensure to appreciate or thank your customers for their time and effort. This will reinforce positive sentiments and encourage future participation.

End Note

Building open channels of communication with your customers via email surveys is key to understanding and effectively serving their needs. As you continually seek and apply their input, you’ll build trust and foster a loyal community around your brand. Remember, the success of your email survey strategy entails asking the right questions in the right way, and truly listening to the responses.

AI-driven headlines that convert.

Get the book for $3.

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