What Works in Video: The Impact of Video on Instagram Engagement

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Sarah Potter is the marketing genius behind her company Mother of Marketing. She develops holistic marketing strategies to show individuals and small businesses how to break free from old marketing tactics and gives them tools to stand out on social media. Sarah is a writer, podcaster, speaker, teacher, coach, and entrepreneur, all while being a mom. 

Sarah loves using video in her business, and she uses it in a variety of ways. She does one-on-one training, video courses, and YouTube videos. Her passion is harnessing the power of social media to grow businesses. She loves to use video to help with this.

Sarah doesn’t spend all her time creating content just for use on social media, however. She takes videos from her courses and snips them into 15 or 30-second clips to be re-utilized on her favorite platform, Instagram. She uses these morsels to get people excited about her course or whatever other product she is offering.

She helps her clients do this as well, and they notice increased engagement after following her techniques. It’s not just in their imagination either. Sarah has the numbers to back it up.

Increasing Engagement Organically

When comparing video content to static content in your Instagram feed, video is viewed two times more than normal content. So, if you have a video that you’re posting to your feed on Instagram, you can expect about two times the amount of engagement in comparison with an ad image or a photo. 
The metrics on Instagram Stories or IGTV are a bit different. With Stories, depending on your audience, you can expect to see about 25% of the people who follow you on Instagram viewing your Stories or IGTV videos. This is still great engagement when you consider that not everyone is into viewing Stories or IGTV videos.

Instagram Reels, however, is going to bring you a larger reach and a huge impression share. In Reels, you’re not just hitting people who already follow you. You’re also in the Instagram Discovery feed, which is significantly more saturated with individuals who are outside your current audience and followers. Using

Reels give you the chance to share your message with a whole new group of people. 
When Sarah has posted a Reel, she’s seen upwards of 7000 views. When compared with a post in her regular Instagram feed, that’s about 700 times more views. Her strategy for her business in 2021 is to utilize Reels more to increase her viewership, engagement, and potential follower pool.

If you’re new to using video on social media, it can feel intimidating or overwhelming to know where to start, but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are Sarah’s top tips for using video on social media:

  • Re-purpose your content. Why create something new every time you want to post to social media when you already have great content made? Look at videos you’ve previously recorded and cut out 15 or 30-second segments to use on Reels and in your feed. You’ll probably find you’ve already made a great start!
  • Record videos on your phone or preferred recording device instead of in the social media app. Many creators put the same video on multiple platforms, and while at this time that doesn’t seem to cause any issues, it’s best to post the video on the platforms separately to spare yourself any unwelcome algorithm problems that could occur in the future.
  • Think about your audience on each platform. Instagram tends to be more story-based, while TikTok tends to be more of a place for social activism or pure entertainment. Think about the kind of content you are posting when deciding where to put it. If you’re posting a video on LinkedIn, you may want it to have a slightly different feel than if you’re posting it to TikTok. When your video matches up with the vibe of the social media platform you’ll likely have more success.
  • Find your social media design aesthetic. Sarah takes her clips and puts them into a pre-designed Canva template that fits with the style she has created for her business. This adds a level of professionalism and sets her apart from other creators. Canva has a free version that is easy to experiment with or you can use a variety of other design programs.
  • Have fun! Using video on social media is a great way to engage with your followers and reach even more people. Don’t take yourself too seriously, just get started!

Learn more about Sarah and all the awesome work she is doing at Mother of Marketing.

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The impact of video on instagram engagement
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