How Your Company Can Leverage Video Even When Not Everyone is in the Office

Turn one video into 27 pieces of content

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Our goal is to help our clients amplify their voices. Sometimes our company works with individuals while other times we work with small businesses, corporations and nonprofits.

On a recent call with a corporation that we’re working with, someone asked how they could leverage video content even when everyone is not in the office at the moment. The bigger part of that question is how to leverage video content as a corporation even if people never go back to the office.

I think that’s a really good question and one that’s worth considering because if you’re not going into the office, how can you still create videos on behalf of the company?

Highlight Some of the Team’s Expertise

The answer to this question is simple. The answer is: expert videos. That’s what we’re calling these 5 to 10-minute videos, where someone in your organization (or a handful of people in your organization), talk about the things that they’re known for and the things that they are experts in.

These videos will serve as your unique selling proposition and showcase what makes you different from everyone else who’s doing the same thing. Well, one thing that could make you different is video itself. But remember that even at the corporate level, expert videos convert in such a way that you can scale this connection between your experts, consultants, executives, and the wider world, simply by talking to someone from our team one on one to create these videos.

Our Process to Help You Leverage Video

How it works is I sit down with an expert from your company and we brainstorm video topic ideas. I’ll then ask questions to prompt their pre-selected talking points, but my voice will be edited out of the video so it will seem like they’re simply talking to the audience. At the end of every video, each person will deliver a strong call to action.

From there, each video will be edited and we’ll add captions. Your videos will also be turned into blog posts and snippets will be added to social media so you’ll always have relevant content up. Whether your company is on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. your video can be repurposed for multiple platforms or even broken into text snippets to post on share on Twitter or quote images. The different expert points of view can showcase the different aspects of the business.

Expert Videos Are Great For Content Creation

When you do an interview, you come across as much more natural and trustworthy than if you get deer in the headlights when making a video. Corporate businesses can really use expert videos for their content creation. Let’s say there’s someone in your organization who’s in charge of content. Imagine handing them 25 videos and saying, “Here’s the next 6 months of content.”

Our content marketing packages are about the same price as one very high end, super-produced, scripted, splashy promo video would be and they go a lot farther. In fact, 25 videos could be 25 different people in your organization talking about the things that they are experts in. Imagine the possibilities.

Imagine how much connection you can create simply by having videos and then getting those videos repurposed into all kinds of written content and graphical design. I’d love to talk with you about how you can make expert videos work in your organization. Head here to book a discovery call.

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